Fashion Style Hack, Cheats, & Tips for Coins & Diamonds -

TIME :2022-07-03

Fashion Style Hack, Cheats, & Tips for Coins & Diamonds

Being a fashion celebrity is not an easy task, as it requires knowing the right contacts and a lot of work. Fashion Style puts you right into the shoes of an aspiring celebrity, ready to take on the fashion world, as well as singer, model and actor carreers. What will you be known for? Will you have the most amazing clothes and find your dream boyfriend?

Fashion Style is a game released on Android by the developer Star Girl Games. The developer’s other titles include Cover Beauty: Make Up World and Bunny Run. The game is also found on iOS, but under the title of Star Girl.

Regarding its ratings, Fashion Style has a 4.2/5 stars rating on the Google Play Store, while having 4/5 stars on the Apple App Store. Still, how well does this game stand out from the overcrowded fashion celebrity games? Come and take a look!

Fashion Style Hack for Coins & Diamonds

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Fashion Style Background Info

The first thing to do in the world of Fashion Style is to create and customize your fashion celebrity girl. Choose from a number of clothing options such as dresses, tops, pants, headwear, accessories and customize her facial features, then go out to the open world!

Your aspiring celebrity girl lives on one of the most popular streets, where all the action happens. You can move through this street by swiping left or right, and can find numerous points of interest. These include the Star Fashion Mall, the Fashion Competition, Job Center, Star Cafe, Star Night Club, Carnival and of course the ATM.

The gameplay is spread over multiple parts, most of which happens on this popular and busy street. Your girl can go shopping, meet other players’ characters, take part in competitions, find boyfriends, work at the job center or go to the carnival for some minigames. Most of these actions cost either energy, coins or diamonds. Energy is restored by one every 6 minutes, while coins and diamonds can be won through minigames and various activities, which we will talk about below.

Shopping is one of the more laid out features of Fashion Style, so let’s talk about this first! To start shopping, you will have to go to the Star Fashion Mall, which is an area that includes 9 different shops or salons, all of which have a great number of clothes, accessories and makeover options. Buying anything at these shops cost either coins or diamonds.

The next stop is the Fashion Competition, where players of level 5 or higher can dress up and compete against eachother, to win rewards based on how many players have voted on them. You can either join and let players judge you, or can judge them yourself, gaining rewards for doing so.

The third stop is the Job Center, which is there to help you finance your coin spendings in the Mall. There are three types of jobs you can take here: Singer, Model and Actor. Doing any of these jobs will award you with coins and experience once they are finished, but there are even more interesting rewards to be won here. Once you reach 100% on any of these jobs, that means you won an award show, related to the job you were doing. You can win awards for your singing, modeling and acting, then review them at any time in your achievements panel.

The next two stops on the street of Fashion Style are the Star Cafe and the Star Night Club. Both of these places are for finding boyfriends and dating them. The Cafe usually has regular, non-celebrity guys, if you want to keep low profile, but if you wish to meet celebrities and make them your boyfriends, then you should go to the Star Night Club. Lookalikes of Justin Bieber, Will Smith, Robert Downey Jr and many more can be found here, but if you manage to successfully make any of these celebrities your boyfriend, that will also mean headlines in newspapers and fame to come with it.

The dating part actually works as a minigame, in which your goal is to raise the chosen guy’s heart indicator to 100%. You can do that by buying him gifts, either by using energy, coins or diamonds. Once 100% is reached, he will become your boyfriend, who you can even invite to your home, so other players visiting can see them with you, and you can even get a gift from each boyfriend every few hours. Dating celebrities at the Club can also use a secondary minigame, where you have to tap as fast as possible to win their hearts.

Once you have your boyfriends, you can call them using the phone at any time and ask them out for a date. During dates you can take pictures together, as well as ask him to go home with you. Using the phone you might even get calls or messages from celebrities at times, which you can respond to positively or negatively.

You can also visit other players in Fashion Style, and once you are in their home, taking pictures together will award you with free coins or diamonds each day. Other than that, you can also just simply connect to Facebook to add your friends, or search in the game’s database for new friends.

After walking through the whole street, the last place you find is the Carnival. This is where you can play three minigames by spending energy. The first one is a Wheel of Fortune, which you can spin by spending 500 coins per spin, for a chance to win energy, experience, coins or diamonds. The second minigame is called “Where are my clothes?”, in which your goal is to match clothes from a list to the one the model shows on the left, and if you do well enough, you can unlock special dresses that can only be won in this minigame. The third game is Jewel Blitz, a pretty familiar match-3 game, which plays just as you would expect: by matching three or more of the same colored jewels. Getting highscores will unlock special clothes here as well.

Energy, coins and diamonds in the game can be scarce at times, so there are even more ways to restore them than the ones mentioned so far. The easiest, yet most costy way is by spending real money at the ATM. Prices start from $0.99 for 10,000 coins or 200 diamonds, and they go up to $99.99 for 1,300,000 coins or 26,000 diamonds. Prices may vary based on location though. There is also an option to get free diamonds, all you have to do is to download sponsored apps or watch ads.

Cheats & Tips for Fashion Style

Fashion Style is a game that starts you off with a nice amount of coins and diamonds, but they can still easily be spent on a shopping spree. To fix this situation there are many ways to gain more currency, but cheats are the surefire way. Read on to learn more about these cheats and get some tips!


One of the easiest ways to gain coins in the game is by exploiting all the options it presents to you. Starting with the Job Center, you can earn a huge amount of coins there, just by starting jobs and claiming the rewards in the end. You don’t even need to stay while the jobs are going on, they will progress in the background while you do something else, even if you quit the game.

Another good way to get coins and diamonds is by playing the Wheel of Fortune minigame. It requires 500 coins for a spin, but can get you a lot more in return. The two other minigames are more likely to get you new clothes, which is a good option to freshen your collection, if you are really lacking in funds.


As another tip, you might not realize it at first, but tapping on your posters on the street will get you free coins. Look out for opportunities like these, as posters don’t always appear! Diamonds can’t be gathered this way, but thankfully the sponsored app downloads and the optional ads are there as an option to get you some.

Fashion Style Review

Fashion Style is game following in the steps of countless similar titles, using the very same systems as they do. Who even knows which game started it, but fashion games are all over the stores now. Does this one actually bring anything new to the table, or is it just an acceptable game?

Once I started up the game, character creation is the first thing I was met with, but it already surprised me. In most similar games character creation is extremely limited, which ends you up with characters very similar to others. Fashion Style on the other hand provided me with so many choices that I could create a fashion girl pretty close to my liking.


The next step in my fashion celebrity journey was to discover and explore the street’s buildings. After checking out everything, I soon stated to myself that there are a good amount of things to do in the game, starting with shopping. Shops are decently priced for the most part, but the most impressive clothes can cost a fortune. Thankfully the clothing and makeover designs are actually good, so that’s a plus.

As for the boyfriend minigames, they are pretty simple and only required me to have a certain number of currency, otherwise I couldn’t do anything. Energy can also be used to increase the guy’s heart indicator, but it takes a very long time, if players don’t spend any coins or diamonds on it. The other minigames in the Carnival are way more fun in my opinion, as they actually need your input and interaction. The Wheel of Fortune seems to be fair and often rewards diamonds, and the other two minigames can hold rare clothes, that actually look good.

Regarding the ways to get more currency, the Job Center seemed to be the best one, with jobs that completed in the background, while I was still discovering new places. I could even set jobs that lasted hours, but they awarded me with thousands of coins, which is a great help. Other ways to gain coins and diamonds are also mostly fair, and I never really felt like I had to spend any real money. There are always things to do, and at least half the activities give out currency rewards, which is nice.


As for the multiplayer interactions, the Fashion Competition is a fun thing to judge, which I enjoyed, but I decided against entering, as competitions are themed and I had no clothes in that theme. Still, there are a great amount of rewards to win, if someone decides to do compete, but the judging part is just as fun. Visiting friends on the other hand seems to be mostly pointless, except if you and your good friends are really into the game.


Overall, Fashion Style is a pretty fun game, definitely more fair than most similar titles, and it even has an interesting artstyle. If you like fashion celebrity games and want to spend time on immersing yourself into this flashy world, then go on and try the game!


Artwork: The artwork of Fashion Style gets an 8/10. This game has a clean and colorful artwork, with fairly detailed characters, clothes and background designs. There are even options to use standard definiton or high definition graphics, which is a positive thing for weaker phones.

Music & SFX: The music of the game deserves a 7/10. This title features multiple pop songs as background music, depending on the location you are at currently. These are high quality, even if somewhat similar to eachother, but still feel fresh after listening to them for a while. The SFX on the other hand are barely noticeable, which is a shame.

Story & Originality: Regarding the story and originality, I give the game an 8/10. While the general idea is not new at all, as there are countless other games in this style, the delivery and execution of it is above average.

General Gameplay: I give the general gameplay of Fashion Style an 8/10. Most gameplay features are highly enjoyable, such as shopping, Carnival minigames and the Fashion Competition. The boyfriend dating part could be a little more elaborate and I wish it would require anything other than currency to be thrown at it. Still, this game features a pretty solid fashion celebrity gameplay.

Addictiveness: For the addictiveness level of the game, it gets a 9/10. I can certainly see players returning to this title time after time. The Fashion Competition alone is enough of a reason to keep checking back, buy new clothes and try to win among thousands of other players. Then there are the minigames, which are good enough that they could be their own app easily. This is a long lasting game, for sure!

Overall Score: 8/10.