Megatramp Tips & Hack for Gold - New Cheats Available -

TIME :2022-07-03

Megatramp Tips & Hack for Gold – New Cheats Available

Megatramp: A Success Story is a casual strategy game by developer Dmitriy Kislovsky that’s available on both the App Store and Google Play Store. Megatramp has you play as a homeless man with no recollection of your life prior to the game. It is your objective to not only survive, but to build your way to a multimillionaire. You do this by performing small tasks for cans, then for money, then for gold; all the while upgrading your character and his assets.  This is a casual game to say the least, so not much skill goes into it, mainly your willingness to play on a regular basis.

You start off with nothing but the little clothes on your back and the few instructions provided by the game. The main aspect of the game is to gain riches and fame, but all the while you must keep up your character’s stats. There are three stats to keep check on: Health, Happiness, and Hunger. When starting off, there are only a couple ways to maintain these stats. For health, you can sleep, for happiness you can fart on a public bus, and for hunger you can steal food from pigeons.

Since these are beginner tactics (and very unsanitary) you lose a bit of each other stats for using them. For example, stealing food from pigeons will boost your hunger, but decrease your happiness and health. This makes the game a bit repetitive when you are trying to keep all stats at a moderate level. I found myself going back and forth between sleeping, farting, and stealing food just to stay alive. This may have been a deliberate choice by the designer in order to simulate the struggle of being homeless, but it came to a point where I thought I would just give up. Luckily, doing any task will grant you XP and level you up, which in turn fills up all your stats.

The other objective of the game is to gain money. Starting off, you can only earn cans by rummaging through the dump. You can buy a few things with these cans (tent or box to live in) but shortly after you should consider converting them to cash, the primary currency of the game (and real life for that matter). With money, you can buy accessories for you character, such as shoes or shelter, which keep his happiness higher. You can also invest into things like a paper route that makes you money over time. Eventually you can convert that cash into gold, and make some luxurious purchases with that.

On top of everything else, you can also purchase shelter. This varies from a tent, to a basement, all the way to a mansion. You can also buy classes that educate you in reading, and then eventually economics and business. These are required items if you plan to invest your money. The earliest signs of this can be found early on. For example, in order to hold a sign and beg for money, you must at least be living in a box and know how to read. Later into the game, there are vehicles you can buy (skateboard to a private jet) that also act as requirements for tasks.

Like many casual games, there are in-app purchases, and like most currency-based games, the main purchases are to this gaining currency. There are also purchases can also go to unlocking tasks before you are even the required level. You can also purchase turns (you use turns to perform tasks) or buy an infinite supply of them. Every task you perform requires turns, and they do run out fast. I honestly don’t think these purchases are worth it, since you get so little virtual money for actual money.

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Cheats & Tips for Megatramp

One of the biggest flaws to this game, as I mentioned, was going back and forth between tasks just to keep your stats up. This means you hardly have stats to spare when performing tasks that earn you money, and help you progress in the game. So you find yourself struggling to live, and not progressing in the game at all. To get around this, survive until you level up. When you level up, your stats get filled up to the max. Use this opportunity to make money, and keep doing the money tasks until your stats decrease to a drastic level. At that point, keep going back and forth trying to keep afloat until you level up again. Then repeat. This tactic can prove difficult later in the game, but eventually you will have more effective ways of keeping up your stats that does not sacrifice too much from your other stats.


Also, be wary of random events, such as food poisoning or school kids beating you up, which decrease some of your stats out of nowhere. To avoid these things, use the upgraded tactics of raising stats. For example, finding food on the ground will decrease your chance of getting food poisoning, as opposed to digging through the trash for it. Also, upgrades to your character will prevent random acts from coming in as often.

Megatramp Review

Even though Megatramp can be pretty fun at first, it is a casual game, and suffers from the some of the main flaws of casual strategy games. Again, going back and forth, tapping different tasks just to survive gets repetitive. In essence, it lacks actual gameplay. Sure your character is doing things, but it is all implied. All you get is a “Steal Food” button you can tap that increases your stats. Let’s compare it to Clash of Clans.


In Clash, you can raid villages and steal gold and elixir. The main difference between Stealing Food and Stealing Gold, is that you are actually stealing gold in Clash of Clans. In Megatramp, you press a button, and you magically get food; you are not as immersed in the experience. At the end of the day, you are just tapping different buttons with no rea strategy. These kind of games are fun for a few days, but become boring and tiresome after that. If you are looking to kill time, Megatramp is an option. If you are looking for a strategy game, look elsewhere.



I would give the artwork for Mega tramp A success Story a 9/10.

While I do enjoy the artwork style about the game, there’s just something about the main characters face that makes it just that little bit awkward. I don’t what does it too me, but the face and smile that he consistently has on throughout the game is just incredibly creepy. Other than that the tire and whatever else around him at the beginning looks crisp and smooth and it looks like it actually belongs there with the background.


The menus in game are also neat and aesthetically sound. Scrolling through them doesn’t feel like a drag at all, and it is just something that’s so nice that you don’t even notice really. Some menus in game are so clunky and you really dread those moments when you have to use them because you know it will be a complete waste of time when you go to actually do anything important with them.

Music and sound effects:

I would give the Music and sound effects for Mega tramp A success Story a 10/10.

The music even straight from the beginning of the game is superb! It lets you know that the game is going to be a laid-back relaxing type of game with it’s calm music right away. With the music staying so constant throughout it really adds another level of immersion to the game bringing you into it and just soothing you while you help this guy up off his feet by doing things.


The sound effects in this game are also great as you barely notice that they are there, but you really notice them when they are not.  For example going through stuff you have that little click sound effect when you are scrolling through the menus is easily noticeable when you have the sound off, but when you have the sound on it just blends nicely into the game. One of the menus had a sound like a trash can opening (or something like that)and it sounds like it truly belongs in the game. With the great sound effects and music that go along with this game, it is one of the few games that really needs to be played with the sound on to have the game enjoyed to its fullest potential.

Storyline and originality:

I would give Mega tramp A success Story a 10/10 for both the story line and the originality.

The concept of bringing up a homeless person into a mega successful person is something that I personally have never seen before in a game including iOS games. The storyline is also so incredibly well done in this game that I can’t believe that this type of game hasn’t been put into a functioning game (or at least one that I have noticed). This game could potentially pave the way for more games like this, as it simply looks and feels so good as this type of game, and has an incredibly storyline to back up the game play of it.

Game play:

I would give the game play for Mega tramp A success Story a 10/10.

The game play that accompanies the solid story line is a mega plus for this game. I really enjoyed the way that you had to rummage through the garbage at first before you could go and rummage into bigger and bigger things as the game played on and as you found more and more things. This grinding game play is something that I enjoy in games as they make you feel like you are never done with the game truly. The fact that it allows people who pay money for the game to feel like they have accomplished more. While this also allows the people who play it as a free to play game the advantage of feeling like they worked towards completing the game.

The way that this game works is also superb. Having the 3 different ways of keeping your character alive is a great idea. Having the food options to start of with as stealing food from the pigeons, is something that a homeless person would do as means of survival to the next day. As again with the previous rummaging menu it is nice to see that the food eating/stealing also goes up as you do it more and more often and get more funds. Just from the start of the game you can tell (from the buy a burrito option) that you will eventually be making (or stealing) enough money to legitimately get food or whatever else you need as an option.

For health issues it’s good that the only option to start off with is sleep as it is free. It’s also nice that in the game when you get a level up that all your stats reset to full. It would be tough for people if they (the developers) didn’t do that for the character as it would probably die easily off the start and deter many people from the game. Only getting to play for 5 minutes before having your character die wouldn’t be the greatest selling point for a game of this caliber. Something else that I like about this game is that it also gives an education option, it gives sort of an understanding (roughly) about actual homeless people in the world. Most didn’t choose to be homeless and simply made bad mistakes in life, but they want to fix what they have done and go back to school to get a proper education and to change what they did wrong previously to be out on the streets.

Something else that is good about the game is that you can see your “empire” rising with all the different stuff you get. At the start of the game you are only sitting on a tire, but as you progress you can see a bit more going on in the background. This game (although it has in game paid options which is nice for the company revenue) as far as I realized didn’t have any ads in it. Now I guess that no matter where you put ads they would be intrusive to the game, but still it would be nice for the company to earn just that little bit of extra revenue to a superb game as any company should so that they can make more excellent games like this one.


I would give the addictiveness for Mega tramp A success Story a 10/10.

Any game that requires this heavy level of grinding will always be a highly addictive game down the road. Some people might download it and only play a bit and only occasionally, but this game certainly caters to them as it requires no time dedication to play. As with any game that requires no time dedication to be able to do what you want you can just grind until you have reached the point of the game that you are happy with or just continually grind the game until you are sick of it. With the micro transactions that appear in game you can spend actual money to make this game even more addictive.

Obviously if you give the person who is playing the game an opportunity to no wait on the game, and then to be able to play however much they want because they put a little bit of pocket change into the game, it will be a very very addictive game to them. Or if someone thinks that they are stuck at some portion in the game, they can just pay a little extra bit of money, and continue increasing their addiction towards the game. If you’re waiting for someone or something for a few minutes, this game would be perfect to pull out and just start playing around on it. You don’t need to have them wait for you so that you can finish the level you’re on because the game doesn’t really have playable levels, it’s just all one big level that can be shut off whenever.

Overall rating:

Overall I would give Mega tramp A success Story a 10/10.

All of the aspects in this game flow smoothly and are excellent. The artwork (albeit a little creepy with the hobo) is superb, the music and sound effects add just that little bit of extra immersion into the game. The originality is what really sets it apart, as it is a completely new idea that is awesome. The game play leaves nothing to be desired from the game, and makes you feel like the game was worth it in every single way. If you really get into playing this game it has the potential to take over your life (not really, but it’s still great). Overall, this game is a solid pickup and it is worth your time if you run across it to download on the app store.