X-Men: Battle of the Atom: Top 10 Tips & Cheats

TIME :2022-07-03

X-Men: Battle of the Atom is the ultimate treat for Marvel Comics readers and fans of card-battling games. This mobile title adopts the long history of the world famous X-Men and features cards with multiple versions of your favorite franchise characters. Not only will you get to wield cards that start the more familiar mutants of X-men fame, but you’ll also gain access to the more lesser known and underrated X-Men characters.

There’s quests to complete, cards to collect and plenty of battle to get caught up in. This mobile release is fun, but it tends to get tougher as you spend more hours getting acquainted with it.

These are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats that will make you the victor of the Battle of the Atom!

1. Summon the Whole Cavalry for Attacks

During battle, you have the option of attacking an enemy with your mission leader or go all in with a multi-character attack that fight all at once. That 2nd option is a lot more beneficial to you, since it awards you with the appropriate boosts/perks needed to strengthen your squad. The “Ready All” option is your best bet in those tougher battle situations.

2. Take Advantage of All The Rewards That Come Your Way After Missions

Completing missions depletes your stamina, but the rewards you’re granted by finishing off missions always pay off in the end. As long as you enough stamina, you have the ability to take on as many missions as possible. Once your stamina bar is down to 0, that’s the moment where you should look up your rewards and stay up to date on your progress. Knock out some missions in quick succession, let your stamina run out and then check out what good work you’ve accomplished. All that extra XP and money you accrue will pay off for your Max Stamina/Max Squad Cost activities.

3. The Basics of Transfusion

Gamezebo.com explained the basics of tranfusion:

To transfuse characters, tap on one of the boxes with the ‘[+]’ button and then select all of the cards you’d like to transfuse with the main card. These cards will all be used to level up the card you are transfusing them with, so choose wisely. When you are finished selecting cards, you can proceed with the transfusion, and then you can see the experience the card has received from it. The card that has been transfused will now be much more powerful.

4. So What’s With The Delivery Box?

So here’s the deal – you probably won’t have enough room for all the character recruits and mission rewards that come your way. There’s something in the game known as a Delivery Box, which is used to help store any items you don’t have enough room to hold. Just know that this box can only hold up to 200 items and for up to 14 days. If you have anything in there that you’d like to use, just make sure the box doesn’t reach its space/time limit beforehand.

5. Use Up All Your Stamina During A Single Playthrough

Stamina is pretty much the life force you have to take advantage of to participate in all those missions. This might sound counter productive (since it always sounds better to SAVE your energy), but go ahead use up as much stamina as possible to finish off any missions. Doing this guarantees that you’ll have a full stamina bar when you exit and re-enter the game on your next playthrough.