Farm Story 2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies

TIME :2022-07-03

Farm Story 2 is the latest farming game from Storm8 Studios. Players will have to grow crops, feed farm animals, and keep the whole operation running smoothly, making sure supplies are in stock and the farm is always producing items to sell.

Farm Story 2 has some challenges, particularly early on, and newer players might not be aware of how to best handle them. Our Farm Story 2 tips, cheats, and strategies will guide these players through the basics, ensuring that their farm is up and running profitably in no time.

It’s What Wheat Want

Farm Story 2 tips cheats strategies

The staple of Farm Story 2 is wheat. You use or need it for all of the initial basic ingredients. Second most important crop: corn. With wheat and corn not only can you sell those crops outright and make some extra cash and pickup some experience easily, but you’ll need wheat and corn to feed the chickens and cattle that you have on your farm, which can then produce milk and eggs. Also, corn and wheat are used in the creation of biscuits and cornbread, both of which can be sold as well.

With a healthy supply of wheat, corn, milk, and eggs, you’ll have a great starting point to start really branching out your farm, and expanding it to include even more crops and animals.

From Dawn ’till Dusk

Farm Story 2 tips cheats strategies

Farm Story 2 isn’t the sort of game you’ll really want to play during a marathon gaming session. It’s mostly the type of game where you check in on it throughout the day to ensure that things are running smoothly, collect some crops, and ship out some deliveries.

Initially, you can play for a good chunk of time as the wait times are reduced to help you learn the game, but once you level up things start to slow down. There really isn’t a lot to do early on to keep you engaged, so there’s no point in just sitting there starring at your farm waiting for timers to finish counting down. Just make sure your cows and chickens are eating, your bakery is baking, and your crops are planted, and go take a break. Your farm will be there when you come back.

And if you’re smart you’ll queue up some multiple productions (like biscuits, or animal food) by adding a second order behind the one currently in process. This way, when you return later you’ll have twice as much to collect than normal.

Special Delivery

Farm Story 2 tips cheats and strategies

Your farm comes with a little plane that is capable of carrying out delivery orders to your farm’s clients. Each order can be viewed by clicking the barn, and you can easily see when you have the stock to fill an order because one of the lights atop the barn is lit.

Your reward for filling an order is a return on your products in the form of gold and experience. I highly recommend that players just starting out strive to complete as many orders as they can, as the experience points collected can help power players through some of the slower parts of the game and get you to the later levels faster.

The Final Straw …of Wheat

Farm Story 2 tips cheats and strategies

So you’re down to your last bit of wheat. Don’t panic. Remember that for every one crop you plant, you get two back. So if you plant two wheat crops, when you harvest them you’ll have four. So as long as you pay attention to your crop stock, you can easily ensure that you never run out and always have some in stock.