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Bitcoin Billionaire Cheats: 5 Tricks That Can Help You Rake in the Cash

Although, you won’t be earning the controversial currency by playing the game, Bitcoin Billionaire, at the very least, allows you to become rich beyond your wildest dreams in an in-game setting. As developer Noodlecake describes it, you’ll be starting with “almost nothing,” meaning a shoddy-looking office with old equipment and furniture. As you tap on the screen, you’ll be mining bitcoins and earning enough to upgrade your office and make investments. Sure, some of the things you can invest in may be a bit unrealistic, but that’s why they “aren’t as boring as in real life,” according to Noodlecake. So would you be able to own yourself that private island as a bitcoin miner? The following five Bitcoin Billionaire cheats could help you do just that.

1. Use More Than One Finger For Tapping

You’ll only end up overworking yourself by using only one finger to mine for those bitcoins. Instead, you’ll be better off using two, or maybe three or four fingers alternating with each other; the newer your device, the better, as older phones (e.g. iPhone 4s) can only let you use so many fingers on the touchscreen.

2. Make Investments Wisely

Of course, you won’t spend the entire game tapping on your display; you can make your money work for you by making investments. Basically, if you invest in the right items, you’ll be making the proverbial “money for nothing,” and maybe making more money through those investments as compared to the money you earn by tapping.

3. Upgrade Your Per Tap Income Whenever Possible

You will also want to ensure you’re making as much as you could by tapping, so don’t hesitate to upgrade your per tap income when you could. It will make all that hard work worth the while.

4. Pick A Card Scenarios

In here, you’ll have a 33 percent chance of getting a positive outcome – you’ll be given three cards, with two negative cards and one positive. If you want to double the effect of the positive card, you can watch an advertisement video from Noodlecake. Just the same, you can also watch these ad videos to cancel out a negative outcome. Not everyone enjoys watching these videos, but then again, it’s how developers make money, and sitting through them certainly beats paying Hyperbits, which is what we’ll be getting to next…in a way.

5. Envelopes Contain Hyperbits And More

Want a free Hyperbit or some nice Bitcoin Billionaire bonuses such as power-ups, multipliers, or more coins? Simply tap on the envelopes once you see them, and you could find yourself getting some sweet rewards. There is, however, a catch, as you may have to do a thing or two in return, such as activating banner ads, watching a video, inviting friends to play the game via Facebook, or snapping photos and being prompted to share them (hit on cancel to avoid having to share). It’s going to be a small sacrifice, but one that will be worth taking at the end of the day.