Bouncy Bill Seasons Winter Walkthrough Levels 22

TIME :2022-07-03

So, you’re having trouble with a certain level on Bouncy Bill Seasons. Nothing a Bouncy Bill Seasons walkthrough can’t fix! This walkthrough is designed to get you through each level, and tell you just what you need to do to do just that! So, grab your phone and play along! This Bouncy Bill walkthrough will be covering Levels 22-24!

Level 22

Get up to the tile with the button, and get the tile controlled by it lined up with the other 2 in the middle. Then jump up to the teleportation pad and make your way up to the top, to the moving platform. Jump to the far right and into the end tile! Nice work!

Level 23

Jump and get flung up by the bouncy pad,and jump up to the tile with the button. Move the controlled tile up above you, and use it to get up to the bouncy pad. Use the teleportation pad to get onto the breakable tile Use the sliding pad to get to the bouncing pad, and then it’s home free to the end tile! Nice work!

Level 24

This is a bonus level, so I won’t cover it. However, if you have trouble with it, let me know and I’ll do a bonus level walkthrough!