Bully Walkthrough Introduction

TIME :2022-07-03
Bully Walkthrough Introduction

Follow the yellow x on your radar/map to the main school, but avoid the bullies. You're not enrolled yet, but they're not above beating you up even so.

The main door of the school is dead ahead.

Once in the main building, go up the stairs in front of you and you'll find the principal's office to the left of the trophy cabinet.

Walk into the glowing yellow circle.

Bully Walkthrough Chapter 1: Making New Friends

Crabblesnitch will tell you to go get your uniform on, so it's time to get to the dorms. Go back outside the same way you entered the school, and go back towards the school gates.

On your way there, you'll be ambushed by a couple of bullies and the game will give you a brief overview of how to fight. This is also your first brush with the bullies' leader, a powerhouse named Russell.

Enter the boys' dorm.

Get some soda to regenerate your health.

Jimmy's room is right by the main corridor; change into your uniform by walking over to the glowing coat hanger symbol.

At this point, you'll meet Petey Kowalski. He's a weedy, quiet kid who tries and fails to make a good impression, no thanks to an interruption from Gary. Jimmy boots the pair of them out to unpack, and you'll be presented with an opportunity to save your game. Walk over to the diary on Jimmy's desk .

Get to the entrance of the main building to start the next mission.

Gary wants to show you around Bullworth, follow him around the corridors to Russell's locker.

Apologise to him when the apologise icon shows, and pay him off when the dollar sign appears.

You'll then be given a brief intro to lockpicking, depending if you're on PC or console, rotate your analog stick or mouse to unlock the lock, and you'll have Russell's locker open in no time.

Unfortunately a prefect spots you, and they don't like people breaking and entering. Lucky for you, Gary distracts them giving you some time to hide.

Jump into a trashcan with the action button when no one's looking, and wait until your trouble meter empties before you climb out again.

Find Gary again (look for the yellow x).

He'll lead you to Eunice outside the girls' bathroom.

Someone's stolen Eunice's chocolates and it's up to you to find them.

Follow the yellow x on your radar to Constantinos in the boys' restroom; humiliate him.

You'll get the candy back that way.

Take the box to Eunice and she'll reward you in a slightly distasteful way.

That's quite a reward...blah!

Gary will lead you to the cafeteria afterwards.

Once that's done, a Prefect will show up to tell you to get to class.

Follow the orange bell icon to your Chemistry class before 9:30.

Follow Davis to give him what he deserves.

Follow him all the way to the auto yard.

Attack him with throwable objects on the floor or firerackers you just recieved.

You'll recieve the slingshot when you defeat Davis.

Go inside the Boy's Dorm to start the next mission.

Follow Gary to the old school bus, in the car park on the West side of the main school building.

Lock on and shoot the slingshot to break the windows on the bus.

When you're done, Gary's got a plan to annoy the jocks, so follow him to the football field, to the south of the school.

Get inside the circle to climb the tree and get on a branch.

Just lock ona nd shoot the jocks and you'll pass the mission.

Just run to the bathroom in the main building and dont let the bullies get to him.

You've got a short time to get Algie inside the school and upstairs into one of the bathrooms, it's marked on your radar as a yellow X.

Don't let anyone else come in the bathroom.

Then take him to his locker.

And you're done!

Go inside the Boy's Dorm to start the next mission.

Go back to the old school bus on the west side of the main building.

The drunk claims he was a special forces soldier during the Korean War, and offers to teach Jimmy a couple of moves, as long as you bring him a transistor.

Get to the auto shop and find a ladder. Go up it and you'll find the transistor.

Now run back to the hobo to give it to him.

He'll then show you some fighting moves.


Go inside the Girl's Dorm to start the next mission.

Head to the gym which is a yellow x on the radar.

Go downstairs to the girl's locker room and find Mandy's locker.

Then break into it.

Now return back to Beatrice who is at the Girls Dorm.


Go back to the Boy's Dorm to start the next mission.

Follow the X on the radar to find Bucky.

He'll be at the auto yard.

Help him defend himself from the bulies then escort him to the garage.

Take out the bullies that are in your way.

Then open the door for him.

Now help him leave the auto shop.

And there you go!

Go inside the Main Building to start the next mission.

Head upstairs to the balcony to help Earnest with his speech.

Just take out all the bullies that are trying to ruin Earnest's speech.

And that's it!

Head into the Boy's dorm to start the next mission.

Find all the blue X's and they'll tell you all the pransk to do on certain people.

After you're done with those, go to the boy's dorm and sleep.

Then start the next mission.

Follow Gary.

Once he shows you to the basement, you'll have to find different ways to open the doors.

You might have to climb or crawl under the fences but they're easy to find and do.

Then to open the last door, cool down the furnace.

Then go upstairs and continue to follow Gary.

It was a set up. Russell is now very mad. Just beat him up with basic fighting and throwable objects. That is the end of Chapter 1.

Bully Walkthrough Chapter 2: Rich Kid Blues

Go to the English room to begin the next mission.

Find botles of booze around the main building for Hattrick. One's in here.

Another is in the trophy case.

The last one is in the men's bathroom stall.

After you found the last one, take it to the bus where you'll find Ms.Phillips.

And that's it.

Go to the cafeteria to start the next mission.

Ride into town either with Edna's bike or another way you have.

Go to all the X's to get the items Edna will need.

Now ride back to the academy and give the items to Edna in the cafeteria.

And that's it!

Ride into town and to the movie theatre to start the next mission.

To clear the line, first, get rid of Gord by stealing his bike. As soon as you get on, go straight ahead and around the corner.

Next up is Eunice. You'll have to romance her, but she wants candy first. If you don't have any in your inventory, you'll need to get to a store.

Lead her into the alley behind the cinema, and you'll be done with that part.

Finally, just approaching Trent will make him run out of the line.

That's it!

Buy this shirt to get to areas that only preppy people are at.

To start the next mission, go to the boxing gym in town.

Just defeat each boxer by doing basic fighting.

When you beat all of them, you'll recieve the beach clubhouse as a prize!

Go upstairs the boxing gym to start the next mission.

The preps will give you eggs to throw at Tad's house. Head there.

Turns out it was a set up. Escape from there.

There you go done.

Wait for the next day and get to the theatre at about 4:30 to start your date with Pinky that you earned the other day.

Get to the carnival to meet up with her.

Do various games and get 10 tickets to get Pinky something.

Splish Splash gives you 3 tickets and doesn't cost much so that's my recommendation.

Go to the prize tent to get Pinky a bear.

Now go find her and give it to her.

And your date is finished!

Get back to the Boy's Dorm to start the next mission.

Get to the beach to compete in the race.

Just continue to acclerate and get ALL the chepoints and you'll win.

And there you go!

To start the next mission, enter the bike shop.

Gord stole your trophy so you'll have to ride down to the beaach with Ricky to get it back.

Just take them out with your slingshot.

And that should be it.

To start the next mission, go to the Yum Yum Market.

Ride your bike to Tad's house

When you get there, find every window that's open at his house and throw an egg in all of them.

Then escape outta his house. And you're done.

Go to the pier to start the next mission.

Get to the boxing club.

You'll have to beat up the preps again. just basic fighting.

After you beat Bif, go upstairs and into the office to beat up Derby.

And that'll be the end of Chapter 2...

Bully Walkthrough Chapter 3: Love Makes The World Go Around

Go to New Coventry to start the next mission.

Climb the ladder to get a good position.

Hit 10 townspeople with snowballs for Rudy.

And that's it.

Wait at this alley in New Coventry until 6:00 to start the next mission.

First get to Town Square.

Destroy the snowman for Rudy.

Make sure there's only one Santa in this town!

And that's it.

To start the next mission, wait for the next day and the Principal will want you in his office.

You'll recieve a nice gift from your family.

Go inside the Auditorium to start the next mission.

You'll have to be in a musical...awesome xD its just like music class if you;ve attended it. just press the buttons exactly when they're supposed to be pressed.

And you're done!

Go to New Coventry and wait til 12:00 for Rudy to start the next mission.

Go around town and pick up the decorations that are X's on the radar.

After that, go back to Santa.

Then take a few pictures for Santa with kids on his lap.

Go to the entrance of New Coventry to start the next mission.

Head to the X's on the radar to get in position to take pictures of Lola and Gord being together.

When you've gotten the pictures, go back to where Johnny is.

And you're done.

Go back to the entrance of New Coventry to start the next mission.

Go find Gord who's in town.

Then lead him to the bike park.

Help Johnny beat up the preps with your slingshot.

And you're done.

Go to the library to start the next mission.

Find Cornelius by following the X.

Protect Cornelius from the greasers when you find him.

Then go back to New Coventry where Algie is.

You'll need to hold off the greasers since they'll ambush the nerds.

Then escort Algie to Earnest.

And you're done!

For the next missionn, go to the Harrington House on campus.

Go to New Coventry.

Go spray graffiti on the wall that has the circle next to it.

After that, go to the market to buy spray paint.

Then go to differet X's on the radar and tag on those locations.

And you're done!

Head to the entrance of the Blue Skies Industrial Park for the next mission.

It'll be another race. Again, keep accelerating and getting all the checkpoints to win.

And that's it.

Go back to the New Coventry entrance to start the next mission.

Head to the Tenements, marked as the yellow X on the radar.

Find all of Lola's items.

One's here.

Second one is here.

There's the third thing.

Norton will interrupt your exploration. Use long range attacks to defeat him.

After he's defeated, grab his sledgehammer to destroy weak structures.

Another item is here.

And the last thing is here.

After you've gotten all the objects, leave the tenements.

Then ride back to where Lola is and return her items.


Go back to the New Coventry entrance to start the next mission.

Find Peanut.

Once you do, chase him.

Beat up the greasers so you can get through.

Then after the greasers nearly get you, the cops will come. Outrun them.

You'll get to the junkyard where the final battle will begin.

Johnny's still on his bike, and will circle around the arena while the greasers around the top will throw eggs, stinkbombs and firecrackers at you.

The most important thing to do at the start of the fight is to take out all the greaser lackeys with your slingshot, for two reasons. Firstly, they'll pelt you and make it harder to concentrate on Johnny; secondly, and more importantly, when they're out of the way Pete will be able to get to the crane and activate the magnet.

Once Johnny is out of his bike, just beat him with long range attacks and basic fighting.

And that is the end of Chapter 3...

Bully Walkthrough Chapter 4: A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body, and Other Lies

Head to the library to start the next mission.

Find a couple of nerds to ask about where Earnest is.

Thad will have a key code, get it outta him.

Then open the door and advance.

You'll have to destroy the transformer.

Then, get on the potato cannon.

Destroy the observatory doors with it.

Then, head inside.

When you break the first gantry, Earnest will move to the left onto another gantry, from which he'll start throwing bombs at you. Again, take out the pulleys and Earnest will move onto the final platform. Hiding behind the pillars won't necessarily protect you from the explosions. The firecrackers will also erode the pillars, which you need for cover in the next section, so try not to take too long on the second gantry.

And you're done!

Head to the library for the next mission.

Get to the Carnival's funhouse.

Meet the nerds there.

Protect the nerds.

Lead the nerds out of the funhouse now.

Go to the right to get to the control room.

Activate the controls so the jocks wont get to the area.

Now find the nerds.

Once you found both the nerds, find a way out.

When you get to this room, disable all the miners.

Then follow the nerds to get out.

And that's it.

Head to the Observatory to start the next mission.

Find Mandy and take pictures of her.

One picture will be at the gym.

Another at the Girl's Dorm.

And one in her room.

Then go to the library to give them to Earnest.

And that's it.

Head back to the observatory to start the next mission.

Run to the barricade.

Destroy it with the spud gun.

Then go on the spud cannon when you get to the observatory and prevent the jocks from coming in.

And that's it.

Head to the observatory again to start the next mission.

Go to the football field to annoy the mascot.

He'll get so annoyed taht he wants to do an actual fight with you...so beat him up.

After that, take his outfit. And that'll be it.

To start the next mission, head to the gym.

You'll have to head to all the X's on the radar and tag on them

Once you're done, meet back up with Mandy.

And there you go!

Go to the observatory to start the next mission.

To get one of the nerds to open the gate, you'll have to do a dance.

Then go to each of the X's and talk to the nerds.

Each of the agents will have tasks for you to do. Do each of them to mess up the big game.

And that'll be it!

Then a boss fight. Ted, the lead quarterback, will throw balls to you. Dodge them and throw them at the other players going after you.

After you take out the defensive line, they'll start cmoing after you. Beat them up.

When you're done with the players, go for Ted!

Thats the end of Chapter 4...

Bully Walkthrough Chapter 5: The Fall and Rise of Jimmy Hopkins, Aged 15

Go in the Boy's Dorm to start the next mission.

Skate, bike or ride the bus to the City Hall.

To get on top, climb the ladder that's on the right of the building.

When you get to the top, tag on the city hall wall.

Now get down the the streets.

Then take a picture of your tag from the street.

Now return to your dorm.

That's it!

Head to the library for the next mission.

This mission is really easy, All you have to do is spray all the rats out of the library.

And that's it!

The next mission is at the entrance of the gym.

Get the fire extinguisher to put out the fires.

The guy should be at the girl's locker room.

And that's it.

Go to the New Coventry entrance to start the next mission.

Travel to the asylum to find Johnny.

Climb the tree to get over the fence.

Sneak over to Johnny's cell to talk to him.

Go find the laundry room to get a uniform to break Johnny out.

Head to the control room now.

Open the cell doors with the panel.

then run to where Johnny is to help him get outta here.

And there you go!

Go to Zoe's house at the Blue Skies Estate to start the next mission.

Bike over to the hardware store to get Zoe her tools she needs.

The tool should be in the alley.

Now meet her in the Old Bullworth Vale.

To complete the revenge on Mr.Burton, destroy the other portable bathrooms so mr.Burton goes to the one Zoe has for him.

When you're done, go back to where you met Zoe.

When he gets in the bathroom, ram the portable bathroom with the tractor.

And you're done!

Go to the gym office upstairs to start the next mission.

To see why the greasers took Derby's trophies, go to their hang out in New Coventry.

They deny any involvemnet and tell you it was the townies. So go to the warehouse where they're at.

Find them and take a picture of what they're doing.

After that, get to the docks.

Now when you get there, take a picture of the stolen trophies.

Then get back to the gym.

And thats it!

Skip to the next day.

Well, you're expelled. But you still have your dorm and more missions to do.

Go outside of the Boy's Dorm to start the next mission.

You'll need to get backup so go to Russell's house to pick him up.

He'll agree and you'll have to follow him.

Go to the X's on the radar to restore the power.

After that, get to the Red Star building.

Then you'll have to find a way to the chem plant.

There'll be a fence to open so go to the switch to get it open.

Now you'll have to find Omar who has the keys.

Once you get the keys, open the door to get in.

You've got to follow him down by climbing along the pipes around the edge of the silo walls. Be very careful not to fall, as you'll need all the health you can manage for the upcoming fight with Edgar.

Use the spud gun to knock Edgar off his feet, then hit him with firecrackers (or the slingshot if you need to save ammo).

Keep your guard up.

After you defeat Edgar, that'll be it for the mission.

Head to Zoe's house for the last mission.

Get to the Wonder Meats Factory to get Russell.

Keep going or you'll be caught.

Once you find him, get outta there!

You'll have to find all the leaders of each group and take them out.

Nerds are in the gym.

Preps are in the Harrinton House.

Jocks are in the library.

The greasers are in the Girl's Dorm

After you defeat the last leader, meet Edgar in the main building.

Then Gary will be there...

He'll run away and you'll have to chase him.

Then you'll have the final battle. Any combo will do. Gary isn't a hard boss at all.

And you'll do it! The school is going back to harmony and you're the eader.

And now, Zoe likes you c; thanks for looking at my walkthrough, glad I could help. Game on!