Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough Prologue - Operation Aurora

TIME :2022-07-03
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough Prologue - Operation Aurora

Get close to the guard on the left and knife him

Go up the stairs

Fight through the trenches

Climb up the ladder

Go through the grass

Fight your way to the jeep

Get in and cover the jeeps

Destroy the enemie jeep and don't question why a Japanese jeep has a American machinegun mounted on it

Throw some TNT on to the door and explode it

Fight your way to the submarine and escape

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough Chapter 1 - Cold War

Wait for the order and kill them

A good idea would be to hit the vodnik with a grenade launcher

Clear the bus and take a right

Stay in cover inside of that building and clear the area

Maybe destroy a few buildings

Find cover when the tanks gets there

After that destroy it

Run to the left and flank the machinegun thats down the street

Use the grenade launcher to clear the ATV's

You will have only a few seconds to destroy the heli after you get out of the first tunnel

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough Chapter 2 - Heart of Darkness

Make your way through the village

Defened yourself in the small house

After that take a rocket launcher and destroy the boat, remember to aim a bit in front of it

Take the small boat up river

It might be an ambush, but who cares you have a machinegun

Get to the attack boat and go down the river

You can get out now, or stay there and use the grenade launcher to clear the area

Clear the area of enemies and make your way through it

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough Chapter 3 - Upriver

Sneak up on the guard and stab him

Wait for the lightning and then shoot

Wait for them to stand like that and then shoot when you hear the lightning

After that rejoin the rest of the squad

Be careful as you go through this area, look for the traps on the ground

Kill the enemies and move on

Start from the guard tower then the others

Jump down in to the river

Don't run too far, you will get swarmed and there isn't a lot of cover, go bit by bit while killing enemies that jump down

Go down hill in to the village

This is why we love Bad Company and other Battlefield games

You could go right and flank the MG, or you know, explode it

Remember, explosives are the answear to everything, I'm serious, take out your grenade launcher and try it

After you realised I'm correct (let's be honest, I'm always correct) go up the road

Stay in cover and kill them one by one

Remember the rocket launcher you went past? Its there for a reason

After you had your way with the BMP go to your squad

I think its kinda obvious what you are supposed to do (HINT: Shoot him in the head)

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough Chapter 4 - Crack the Sky

Best way to rain hell is at 6000 RPM, kill the guys with RPG's first then everyone else

The ATV first, then the trucks (shoot the back where the big red barrels are at)

*knock knock* Just joking democracy doesn't knock (neather does Santa)

Up the stairs you go to kill more russians

You know, you could bring a rocket launcher up here and destroy that hind

Its kinda fun, won't do you much good but its kinda fun

After you, uhm, "liberated" that small village its time to race the remaining russians to the crushing satellite

Once you get to it you will need to defend it

Prioritize the ones with rocket launchers

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough Chapter 5 - Snowblind

Follow the flares stay near them

Run in to the houses to get warm

Fight your way through the ruins and to the top of the building in front

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough Chapter 6 - Heavy Metal

You can stay back a bit and snipe the targets to be safe

Hit the anntenas to destroy them

You should stay behind here and snipe or you will probably get swarmed by about 152 rockets, so you know, level the entire area from a distance

After that use the UAV to destroy the marked targets

At the end of the street a BMP will come out, so be ready

Some BPM's are come over the hill, no big deal, snipe away

After you get out mark the targets for a bombing run

In to the destroyed city we go to destroy it a bit more

To the marker and end the mission

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough Chapter 7 - High Value Target

If you think this is good place for an ambush...

...It is

Kill the guys with rocket launchers and all is good

Again, the ones with rocket launchers and the other ones aren't that important

After the entire car ride goes to shit, mark the AA gun for a bombing run

Fun fact, if you don't pick this gun up now, you will not be able to do that ever again (its just behind you)

Make your way through what was a town before your friendly neighbourhood arrtilery flattened

Go to the end of the tunnel and finnish the level

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough Chapter 8 - Sangre de Toro

You could run him over, or hit him with a grenade, or stop near him and shoot him...or maybe let him live, but why should you

You don't need to follow this order, but lets go to the castle first

Mind the enemies above you

You should find cover, but not any kind of cover, cover that is going to take a lot of bullets and grenades, this area will be full of enemies so you know, lock and load

Clear the area and get to the computers

Now we go to the mountain fortress

Follow the paths and look for enemies on the rocks

You could look around and take one of the RPG's

Or be a smartass and destroy it like this

Get to the computers...

And get to the last location

You should stop before the road block or this might happen

Lots and lots of could beat them in their own game or you know...RPG

Follow the road and the speed limit, its gonna be hard to get up if you fall off the road too far

That was the second last

Now back down the hill for the last one

There we go

And to actually find the ship

Shoot the explosive barrels to drop the container

Just avoid everyone and cram yourself in there

Go around the ship untill you get to the marker

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough Chapter 9 - No One Gets Left Behind

After you land make your way to the two houses

Time for some high quallity .50 calliber fun

Try and get this guys as soon as they spawn, they are rather annoying

You should invest in the RPG in the back, or you know, mad man style with C4

After that follow the road

Go down hill and get ready for a larget gun fight

After you go through the camp get on to the ATV, its time for a race

I was gonna put a knock knock joke here and a lame pun, but I was lazy, clickclick


You could get in that hind and use the machine gun, I'm not gonna tell you how to live your life, but it might be easier

Get to the heli to escape, side note, don't and I mean DO NOT shoot the explosives or hit them with a grenade...

Or you are gonna have about no HP on the heli...18? REALLY?!

I'm going to go ahead and guess that this fight would end in something like blackhawk down...but its a game and you're an american shooting a russian heli...just stay on target you will drop it rather quickly

After you destroy the tower look to your right

If you don't kill them you won't be get far

Then the one on top of the hill

Another hind, not gonna question why one seat is empty or why the one that isn't is occupied by what looks like the missing link in evolution

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough Chapter 10 - Zero Dark Thirty

Follow your squad through the jungle

Get in cover and destroy the MG then take out the others one by one

Then go through the town, oh yeah, and shoot those red barrels, it will make your life a lot easier

Go down the stairs and get bombarded by mortars (yeay)

Wait for the rest of the squad then run to the next cover

And after that in to the...uhm...not tunnel...dammnit I shouldn't write this in 4 in the morning...the drain pipes? Seweg pipes? I don't know what, just jump in there to get away from the mortars

If you pick that sniper riffle you will make your life a bit easier

Clear the building in front of russians and move on

This is where it gets tricky, stay in cover on the sides, get the RPG on the left, destroy the truck, then the one behind that one, then kill all the other russians...this might actually not be as hard as I thought, but I did do this about 2 hours after my birthday party and I was slitely tipsy and tired

Go in to the sewers (yes I'm sure this are sewers)

After you jump down...

Start running back

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough Chapter 11 - Force Multiplier

Follow the path and kill the hordes of russians on the side

After you clear them keep going, Tedie, how do you actually check the guides, do you play through the game following the guide, or just check if it makes since and is ok?

Shoot a grenade at that fuel tank, is it ok to leave the last question and this in or will I have to remove them after you read this?

Go through the sewers and get to the ladder

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough Chapter 12 - Airborne

Run up to the first one and stab him

Then move back while you reload and shoot the next one, don't try to stab him you can't

Get ammo and continue killing russians

From this point on, you can just run as fast as you can while shooting your fully automatic shotgun

After that shoot the spinning ball to destroy it

Preaty colors

Now, this is what they call banzai parachuting (you throw your parachute out then you throw yourself after it), shoot (if I said russian again, this guide would have been banned in russia for showing them as bad people, as if they cared, looking at you china), Kirilenko and get your parachute (note: actual banzai parachuting does not involve shooting peolpe in at least 87% cases)

You get your parachute, land, you are happy, Sarge talks about retirment, but wait, it isn't over yet, more russians...but not in this game