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If you play video games for too long what are the risks of epilepsy

TIME :2022-07-03
If you play video games for too long what are the risks of epilepsy
If you play video games for to long, or for the matter any game where epileptic strain both your eyes and brain, then there is a chance of you getting a

There is no simple answer because many factors influence the risk. Epileptic seizures happen to an unknown number of people who play video games. The number can't be determined easily because the seizures can happen as very small events that aren't noticed. If you have the genetic trait called photosensitivity--sensitivity to flashing light--or if you are sensitive to moving patterns or pulsating colors, you can have a seizure after even a short exposure, say, less than 30 seconds. Certain games have more of these images than others.

Your susceptibility to a seizure when exposed to any images you are sensitive to will vary depending on factors such as:
  • sleep
  • hunger
  • length of game session
  • alcohol use
  • age (people between ages 7-19 have the greatest risk)
  • gender (girls are at higher risk than boys)

Photosensitive epilepsy is a condition in which certain flashing images can trigger a seizure. It is related to, but does not lead to, typical epilepsy, where seizures can occur at any time.