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Pokemon Catching Guide

TIME :2022-07-03
Pokemon Capturing Guide
Hit Points
Wandering Pokemon
The Poke Ball Factor

A quintessential part of the Pokemon series has always been the hunting and capturing of various species of Pokemon. This part of the game is virtually an art in and of itself. It is also the hardest part at times within the game as many of the better Pokemon can be tricky to capture when you first encounter them. Sometimes, even the experienced players will find themselves stressed and challenged when they are facing particular Pokemon with the intent of capturing them.

When one actually has the time to prepare for capturing a Pokemon, one will find a number of abilities useful, especially when mixed with the right movesets.

For the One-time only Pokemon, BE SURE TO SAVE! These are too important to take any chances on beyond what’s needed for the battle itself.

Hit Points:
This is a well-known factor in capturing Pokemon, you want to have the target as low on HP as one can afford to have them. The lower the target’s HP, the better chance for a successful capture. Moves like Super Fang and False Swipe are a great help in these cases: Super Fang because it cuts HP in half and False Swipe because it cannot reduce target’s HP below 1.

Wandering/Roving Pokemon:
These Pokemon are tricky to deal with to say the least, but there are tricks that have been around since the Second Generation which have only improved in function since then.

Lead Pokemon: ~45-50, but no higher than 50, with a set-up like those below
Items: 30-50 (Max) Repels, Cleanse Tag optional, a LOT of appropriate Poke Balls (Ultra, Quick, Timer, Dusk, and if you have spare, Master)
Location: 2 conjoined routes (in D/P/P like 210 and 215 above Solaceon Town)
Poketch: Marking Map

It is not much work to get all this set-up. Once you arrive at the routes (like 210 and 215), pull up the Marking Map application (or their equivalent), and move back and forth between the two Routes at their divide. Pay close attention to your Marker Map as it will show the Monster Icon moving around the Routes. When the cursor, showing you, and the icon overlap, head for the nearest patch of grass spraying on the Max Repel and walk around. This will guarantee (at least for those 2 Routes), your next encounter will be the Wandering Pokemon.

Suggested Move Set/Abilities:
Moves like Block and Mean Look also serve a vital function when dealing with the Roving Pokemon (like Mesprit in Diamond and Pearl as well as Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres in Platinum) as they lock them into battle, making it impossible for them to run away. The abilities Arena Trap and Shadow Tag also serve this function, perhaps better sometimes, as they are immediately activated and don’t need an attack to be implemented. Still, a Crobat with Hypnosis (an egg move) with Mean Look (learned at lvl 33) will outspeed most things and let you get the upper hand. Combinations like that will help a lot with these tricky Pokemon.

Pokemon Platinum – Legendary Regeneration:
This is the first game where you will have multiple chances to catch once one-time-only Pokemon. By meeting these conditions, you can get multiple chances to catch these Pokemon, but once they are caught, they won’t re-appear.

Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres: You initially trigger them by talking to Prof. Oak in Eterna City (he will go there after you visit him at the Pal Park, after getting the National Pokedex Upgrade). They will then appear on your Marking Map. If you defeat one or all of them, beat the Elite Four, getting re-entered into the Hall of Fame and talk to Oak again in Eterna City

Azelf, Mesprit, Uxie: Triggered by going to their respective lakes, 2 of these Pokemon are simply there while Mesprit will run and play around until you catch it. If you beat any of them and saved, beat the Elite Four, getting entered into the Hall Of Fame. They will re-appear after that (Mesprit always starts at Lake Verity).

Heatran: Triggered by events in Mount. Stark, if you defeat it, again, beat the Elite Four.

Giratina Altered Forme: You get one chance at Origin forme in the Distortion World. After that, you need to navigate Turnback Cave to encounter Giratina in its Altered Forme. If you beat it, beat the Elite Four.

Cresseila: If you beat this wandering Pokemon, beat the Elite Four. This Pokemon starts on Full Moon Island

Conditional Pokemon:
Drifloon: This little Pokemon reappears without fail every Friday outside of the Valley Windworks once you chase away Team Galactic.

Spiritomb: One of the harder Pokemon to met the conditions of, needing to greet 32 people in the Underground first, then use an Odd Keystone on the Broken Tower on Route 209. The good news is, you only need to meet 32 people once, after that, its simply a matter of digging up another Odd Keystone.

When it comes to capturing Pokemon, something that shouldn’t be underestimated in helping with even the most difficult Pokemon is inflicting a status condition. Freezing Pokemon and putting them to sleep offer the best chance of all the status conditions to capture. Paralyze offers something of a chance, but not the best, as well as offering the chance that the target Pokemon won’t be able to move. Burn, while it reduces the Attack statistic, inflicts damage every turn. Poison also slightly improves the chances of capturing a Pokemon, again, at the cost of constant damage.

The Breakdown:
Best: Frozen, Sleep
Acceptable: Paralysis
Avoid: Burn, Poison

Pokeball Factor:
Each ball obviously has different properties to its name. Each of these balls offers something different to the mix. Many work better under particular circumstances, some easy to meet, others more challenging.

The Ultimate:
Master Ball: The one Poke Ball without a Fail chance, 100% guaranteed capture rating. In the standard game, you get 1 of these.
With luck, you get more through the Pokemon Lotto (based on what Trainer ID numbers you from trading Pokemon).

Poke Ball – The most basic Poke ball, the lowest capture rate overall
Great Ball – Improved chance of catching
Ultra Ball – The best standard Poke ball
Premium – Same as Poke ball (for buying 10 Poke Balls)

Dive – Most effective in the water, equal to Pokeball out of the water.
Net – Most effective against Bug or Water type Pokemon.
Nest – The greater level difference between your Pokemon and your Opponent, the better chance to capture it.
Repeat – Works best on previously captured Pokemon, otherwise no better than Poke Ball
Quick – Starts with high capture rate, decreases by 1 every 5 turns.
Timer – The longer the battle runs, the most effective the ball gets, increasing in effectiveness every 10 turns.
Dusk – A ball that works the best in the dark (either in caves or at night).
Heal – Poke Ball strength, completely restores the captured Pokemon.

Luxury Ball – This Poke Ball increases the Happiness that the Pokemon gains over time. It is as effective as a regular Poke Ball.

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