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10 More Bullets Game Review & Walkthrough Guide

10 More Bullets

Genre: Shooter

Game Review
Well, for today's review I decided to introduce a game that was just released a few days ago. The flash game is called 10 More Bullets. 10 More Bullets is apparently a sequel to its older game aka, 10 Bullets, where the objective remains the same. After playing this, I see the game went beyond just a sequel and made a near completely different game while still standing by the original concept.

At its core, this game is a very simple chain reaction game. Where you have 10 bullets to destroy as many flying ships in a huge chain reaction explosion as you possibly could. It is a very simple concept, but there is a lot more going on in 10 More Bullets. For those who had tried 10 Bullets, you will notice there is an upgrade system implemented to 10 More Bullets. Which you can upgrade various aspects of your cannon or even buy more than 10 bullet shots. The downside is there is still some skill involved in shooting those bullets correctly to trigger a great chain reaction. I personally think is an awesome feature for those who are aiming to set high scores.

The design is simple but solid. Another worth highlighting is the different ship types. Now, some better looking ships occasionally drop items/booster which you have little grabber helpers that pick up these and bring them to your gun base. These items have effects which typically help your score, such as from sending special ship waves to 2x score multiplier and more.

Never thought pressing 1 button could be so satisfying. I bet this little flash game is going to be one of those good old games that reminds you that a concept can be very simple and yet so intensely fun at the same time. I played this game for almost nearly 2 hours (still playing) and I enjoy it every time. Great flash game, must try!

10 More Bullets Guide
List of Upgrades in 10 More Bullets
Max Combo - You set bigger explosions.
Combo: 6 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25
Boosters - More boosters at the same time.
No. Slot: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
Grabbers - They grab stuff on the ground for you.
No. Grabbers: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
Special Waves - Big wave with lots of ships.
No. Ships per Wave: 10 / 15 / 20 / 30 / 50

Recommended Build for 10 More Bullets
1. Max Combo
2. Special Waves
3. Boosters
4. Grabbers
5. Repeat!

10 More Bullets Walkthrough
At the start of every round, wait for the small fast brown ship to come. You won't always be able to hit it, but if you do, it'll give you a huge explosion like 15 shots and always drop a bonus. This will help bring in massive amounts of gold if you manage to get a good combo from it. Do not even really worry about shooting the bigger ships with your main shot, you are just wasting your precious bullets! Just save it to trigger a massive combo, that's the most effective way to spend your bullet.

For new players, you can follow the recommended build above. I suggest you buy the first max combo as your first buy then buy the special wave upgrade. This will help you make tons more points which in turn makes you even more gold. Also, extra booster slots are key for more scores. However, you should never have more grabbers than slots, although both are important. Note that, when you have 3 grabbers the little gold ship becomes a good thing to aim for as ships on screen will become gold worth like 20 gold each. This can give a huge amount of money, especially if a special wave is in progress. Have fun!