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Grab Them By The Eyes Game Review & Walkthrough Guide

Grab Them By The Eyes

Genre: Strategy, Puzzle

Game Review
Terry Cavanagh's latest creation is quite an unusual one, as it combines several aspects of various genres that you wouldn't normally expect. It's a flash game about the cutthroat business of selling burgers on street corners. You were just minding your own little burger business out of your modest food stand, when a pair of upstarts with a much flashier sign set up its shop literally a few feet away and began stealing all your business. But it’s not about who has the best burgers – that would be ridiculous. It’s about who has the best burger signage and thus you must compete with your rival street corner businessmen to buy messages, color effects, borders and customized text movement for your neon monstrosity. See, for that matter, every day of the following week you're going to be heading to the sign shop. You use your cash to buy various punch cards at the start of each day, and each card has a value that determines how many customers will be brought in. You and your competitors will take turns buying cards until they're all gone, while bearing in mind the money at your disposal. You need to choose which new effect you think it's more valuable and then you'll build your sign by selecting which cards to use to try to maximize your pull, which is harder than you might think... Especially since cards become less effective the more they're used, though they can only ever decrease to a minimum value of one.

There's a lot of strategic thinking involved. Making a comeback in Grab Them By The Eyes is still extraordinarily difficult. But if you try your hardest, and you succeed in manipulating the odds of getting good effects at a discounted price in your favor, you might just beat this in every situation. Honestly, a unique concept. Clean, attractive aesthetic. Brutal card-based combat about food stands. Nice game! I really want to see a multiplayer version of this with one player competing against another. That’d be great. An endless mode would also be really fun.

Grab Them By The Eyes Guide
Grab Them By The Eyes Walkthrough
There’s some mechanics you need to learn the hard way. Most importantly, the card prices are reduced every turn. The cards always cost, in order from left to right, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50. So going to buy expensive cards is worse than waiting for them to get cheaper. If a player spends all their money, the opponent can keep buying the leftmost card, getting every card for $10 each. Secondly, each team gets $50 every day to spend on punch cards, but you also try to keep any leftover money from the previous day. That gives even more advantage to buying cheap. Thirdly, the IA always tries to buy additional frames first which is a bad strategy. It will tend to always cost them more $20, if they were to pick it first. Then, with whatever money remaining, they can only buy the leftover cards. The AI really overvalues them, but do not get me wrong. Buying extra frames can be the key to win, as long you are buying the additional frame cheap! Also, making sure you have an extra set of messages, effects, borders and colors to equip on, even if everything is only worth 1. My strategy to win is basically buying a lot of cards at the $10 first. Then I built up a margin of at least 10-15 at the beginning of the game, so when they started to get more customers than me it wasn't enough for them to beat me overall. Luck definitely plays an important role.

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