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Moon Waltz Game Review

Moon Waltz

Genre: Action

Game Review
You are out of cigarettes late at night and all the shops are closed. Knowing your nicotine addiction need to be satisfied, and the only chance is a vending machine clear across town. You decided to stroll down just to get a puff. But as the clouds reveal the full moon, an innocent stroll towards the cigarette dispenser is endangered to go horribly awry. A beast awakened within you! Turning you into a werewolf.

Moon Waltz by Major Bueno is a sweet but shorter than 5 minute flash game. It does show that you don't need a lot to make an entertaining game. An original concept and able to execute it well. It took me a while to realize this was a one button kind of game. It was sort of like an interactive toon created by you. The ending will base on your decisions and interactions with the surrounding, whether you like it or not. There's no way to pause the game, so you'll just have to improvise and play it over and over again to find out all the endings.

This is a one-button game; you can only use the space-bar to control the clouds. When they are covering the moon, your innocent dude is a normal person. When the moon is out, he turns into a... dancing werewolf! Yes, literally one. The best moment I love was when you knock down the bikes and the guy punches you, and the next thing you know a bunch of bikers are flying out the window. It was really awesome! I enjoyed every second of it, wish it was a long action game.