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Sentry Knight: Conquest Walkthrough Guide

Sentry Knight: Conquest

Genre: Action, Shooter

Sentry Knight: Conquest Guide
List of Upgrades in Sentry Knight: Conquest
Health - Increase our max HP by 1.
Cost: 75 / 200 / 350 / 500
Damage - Increase your gun's damage.
cost: 75 / 200 / 350 / 500
Regeneration - Learn the ability to regen HP.
cost: 50 / 100 / 250 / 400
Potions - Potions recover an extra 1 HP.
Cost: 50 / 100 / 250 / 400
Magnet - Increase your item pickup range.
Cost: 50 / 100 / 250 / 400
Hitbox - Decrease your hitbox size.
Cost: 50 / 100 / 250 / 400
Spell Damage - Increase all spell damage.
Cost: 50 / 100 / 250 / 400
Spell Cooldown - Decrease all spell cooldowns.
Cost: 50 / 100 / 250 / 400

List of Pets in Sentry Knight: Conquest
Owl - Fetches coins and returns them to you.
Pig - Drops gold every 5 enemies slain.
Dino - Stuns a nearby non-boss enemy with its screech.
Wolf - Fire bullets towards your crosshair.
Spirit - Decreases all of your spell cooldown.
Cat - Sacrifices itself to revive you to 1 HP upon death.

List of Monsters in Sentry Knight: Conquest
Skeleton - A ranged but mostly weak enemy that fires a single bullet.
Health: 3, Damage: 1
Baby Slime - An incredibly frail enemy that will invade on its own or be hatched a regular Slime.
Health: 1, Damage: 1
Slime - A green, gooey mess of a monster. Killing it hatches tree baby slimes in its place.
Health: 4, Damage: 1
Bat - A quick but relatively weak flying creature. Bats fly over wall without collision.
Health: 2, Damage: 1
Goblin - A ranged creature that fires a spreadshot attack of three bullets.
Health: 5, Damage: 1
Wurm - A ranged, evasive monster that burrows into the ground after attacking. Only to dig out again to continue its attack.
Health: 6, Damage: 1
Living Bomb - A hybrid creature that will chase you down and explode when nearby. Upon explosion, it releases an arc of bullets.
Health: 8, Damage: 4
Blue Mage - A flying, ranged monster that fires a spreadshot of ice blocks. Blue mages can fly over walls without collision and will constantly orbit your position.
Health: 7, Damage: 1
Rogue - A ranged creature that burst fires three bullets in quick succession.
Health: 5, Damage: 1
Necromancer - A non-attacking monster that consistently summon Skeletons to attack you.
Health: 6, Damage: 0
Red Mage - A flying, ranged monster that fires an arc of bullets. Red Mages can fly over walls without collision and will constantly orbit your position.
Health: 7, Damage: 1
Sludge - A slow moving enemy that leaves a trail of damaging sludge in its wake as well as upon death.
Health: 10, Damage: 1
Beholder - A high-powered ranged creature that burst multiple bullets at a very high rate of speed.
Health: 12, Damage: 2
Troll - A ranged monster with high damage and health that fires a single bullet.
Health: 8, Damage: 2
Queen Slime - The first boss you encounter. She performs three unique attack mechanics and will split into twins at 50% HP.
Health: 500, Damage: 3
Ice Golem - The second boss you encounter. He performs three unique attack mechanics, including a strom that hails exploding ice blouders.
Health: 600, Damage: 3
Undead Warlock - The third boss you encounter. He performs a variety of attack mechanics, bullet hell actions and even teleports.
Health: 700, Damage: 3
Mage - The final boss you encounter. She performs a variety of attack mechanics and bullet hell actions. Upon death, she evolves into her second form.
Health: 700, Damage: 3

Recommended Build for Sentry Knight: Conquest
1. Damage
2. Regeneration
3. Potions
4. Health
5. Hitbox
6. Spell Cooldown
7. Spell Damage
8. Magnet
9. Repeat!

Sentry Knight: Conquest Walkthrough
Love this game, however, I've mixed feelings after playing it. For me, this one is still a must play game, but quite frustrating one too. I eagerly want to perfect all quests and achievement, but this game is pretty challenging to me. Can be done, but takes several tries. Generally, you want to follow the build above for your upgrades. I like getting Damage, Regeneration, Potions and Health first, this provides survivability, which allows you to defeat the slime queen quite easily. My only tip for this game is don't stop moving and keep shooting, then learn to dodge incoming projectiles. Spam your spells as and when you can, although the spells aren't really that useful. The Plague spell is a little too situational to use often, and it's too long of a cooldown to use against one enemy. The Ice Shards spell was nice against bosses, but again felt like a waste to use on anything other than a boss. The Fireball spell was at least decent, but it's AoE radius could've used an upgrade category, and its damage was rather lackluster. I could kill a beholder in 5 shots, or a fireball and 2 shots? Not very strong at all, despite the quick cooldown. These spells are good to have especially during a boss match. An example is Slime Queen, you should rush to use your spells as fast as you can if you want to beat it under a minute. Use all three spells at once at the beginning and don't be afraid to take some damage. The wolf is also a good choice to beat the Slime Queen in 1 minute.

For Ice Golem, it is pretty straightforward and one of the easiest in my opinion. Just simply learn to dodge the exploding ice boulders and spikes. For Undead Warlock is a little more tricky. The bullet hell actions are quite painful to begin with, timing is needed to dodge and not get hitted. Try to kill those skeletons as fast as you can prevent clustering. If one skeleton hits you, you are not going to earn the star. The last boss is a Mage, she can perform quite a variety of attacks. Upon death, she evolves into her second form, which is more deadlier and faster. To defeat her, try not to take any damage during her first formative. You should find 4 potions from the boxes, but try not to drink it unless really desperate. Once you defeat the Mage, she will drop another potion. It is best you have at least 4 potions on the ground before attempting the second form. I use Cat as my pet for the final boss, as I can come revive back with 1 health. If you need to grind for gold for upgrades, try Ice Golem! You can get 250 coins everytime and additional coins from boxes.