Advanced Warfare Update

Advanced warfare has been the best supported in the Call of Duty series so far, bringing 3 brand new weapons to the game since launch. This is already a very nice addition to the game, but in a week a brand new update will come and double this count – That’s right, 3 more weapons will be coming to advanced warfare’s multiplayer mode next week!

Of these three weapons, the one that is immediately available and indeed the most notable of all is the blunderbuss. The blunderbuss is the most interesting weapon because like the name suggests, it is an old school shotgun, with just one round per clip, and brings a whole new dynamic to the close range game, being both great to look at and a very tactical weapon in both primary and secondary slots.

The next of the weapons is returning from Call of Duty 4 and World at War, and it is the STG44. This weapon is described as having a low fire rate to create reasonable recoil and a lot of mid range damage, which makes it sound suspiciously like its Call of Duty 4 incarnation, where it was called the MP44. This is a much needed weapon in the current game, as all the weapons fit major roles but none fit the role of a hard to use weapon which gives a slight reward to those who can tame it.

Finally, we have the SVO. This is a weapon which has again been in several games before, being based of the Dragunov SVD from earlier titles and more directly from the SVO in black ops 2. What we know so far suggests it will take a lot of its characteristics from those games too, with semi automatic, low recoil gameplay which requires either precise shots to the head or multiple rapidly placed body shots to get kills. This isn’t the sniper rifle a lot of people will use in the same way they use the current ones, which is great for some but bad for players looking for a bolt action to rival the M40A3 or the MSR.

These last two weapons and all the variants of all 3 weapons will only be made available through supply drops, meaning that even though they’ll be available next week in fact that just represents the start of the hunting season for them! 3 weapons at once will be a first for the Call of Duty series, and it’ll be exciting to see how they play in the actual game!