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🎮 Case File Guide

Case File Guide

The evidence you need to complete each Case File can be found in the following places:

The Hot Shot File

In Episode 1: “Back to School,” play until you’re prompted to investigate the room. Go to the desk and scan the document there to get the ledger and money evidence.

In the same room, scan the photograph of Stoddard on the countertop near the printer.

Leave and head into the next room, where you can scan a box of hot shot on the table.

Hot Shot Supply Chain

In Episode 2: “Checking Out,” go to the laundry room and search the corner at the far right to scan a box of hot shot.

In Episode 3: “Gator Bait,” play until you’re prompted to investigate the boathouse. Find the zipline and use it to reach the waiting enemies. Once you take care of them, find the exploded drug bale on the ground.

In Episode 4: “Case Closed,” enter the warehouse and find the office on the first floor. Scan the gym bag of money on the table inside.

In the basement of the Domo Roboto warehouse, take out the guard with the camera and scan the crate of hot shot in the corner.

In Episode 6: “Out of Business,” go to the chop shop and scan the pallet of hot shot on the wall beneath one of the walkways.

In Episode 8: “Sovereign Land,” play until you reach the alarm. Disable it and then enter the trailer to your left. You’ll find a hot shot lab around the stove.

The Elmore Hotel Investigation

In Episode 2: “Checking Out,” go to the laundry room door and search the area to its left to find a Hawaiian shirt and scan an memo as evidence.

Leave the laundry room and enter the break room beside it. Scan the drug purchase list on the table inside.

Javier Rosado is guarding the door in the hotel lobby. Scan him to identify him, take him out without killing him, and search him to find a vial of hot shot.

Remain in the lobby and find the copier behind the reception desk. Scan the tablet on top of it.

Before you leave the desk, enter the office beside it and scan the answering machine on the desk.

In Episode 4: “Case Closed,” start from the break room on the third floor of Neltz’s warehouse and climb the stairs. Scan the Elmore Plaza business card on the desk in the manager’s office.

Internal Affairs

In Episode 3: “Gator Bait,” stop at the dock on your way to the boathouse and scan the toxic barrel in the water.

Get in the airboat and head north to the dock, and then go right to the tower. Use your grappling hook to reach the top and scan the regional zoning map.

Southeast of the reserve and alligator farm, you should find a series of huts. Keep going beyond them until you reach a structure with a chemical barrel for you to scan.

From the lake, head south to the sawmill and use your grappling hook to reach the top of the tower. Scan the cocaine on the table.

Thomas Bell is one of the men at the alligator farm. Scan them to identify him, take him out without killing him, and search him to find the newspaper story.

Enter the building on the right side of the alligator farm and scan the boots for torture traces.

Go to the north of the lake and scan the dead alligator at the boardwalk.

There is a shelter by the tower at the sawmill. Scan the stained fanboat beneath it.

Leave the barn at the sawmill from the left door to reach the shacks. Search them and scan the water sampling equipment on the workbench.

Head east of the barn and scan the note pinned with the switchblade on the end of the logs there.

In the sawmill office, scan the manila envelope in the desk found within the cargo container.

In Episode 4: “Case Closed,” enter the warehouse and scan the barrel of dye against the far wall.

In Neltz’s warehouse, go to the third floor and enter the middle-left door in the center hallway. Scan the burner cell phones found in the room’s garbage can.

Still on the third floor, go into the office next to the break room and scan the talking Tamu-Tamu in the corner.

Go to the Domo Roboto warehouse and scan the Tamu-Tamu poster beneath the Tactical Gear.

Head upstairs, enter the office, and scan the Tamu-Tamu DVDs on the central shelf.

Go under the entrance to the warehouse, enter the office, and scan the letter on the desk on the far side of the room.

Find the bookshelves beside the water cooler and scan the Tamu-Tamu flyer.

Power Play

In Episode 6: “Out of Business,” go to the dealership and scan the purchase order for Bianchi on the front desk.

Enter the office in the back and scan the letter from Kang’s wife on the desk with the disconnected computer.

James Mun is in the salvage yard. Take him out without killing him and search him to find the Boomer photo.

Once the salvage yard area is clear of enemies, go into the garage and scan the designer luggage on the table.

Go to the warehouse office and find the boombox in the corner. Scan the K-Pop album there.

In the warehouse, there is a workbench near a car. Scan the remote detonator on top of it.

Go to the chop shop and enter the back room office. Search the desk on the left to find the photograph you need to scan.

Before you leave the chop shop, walk to the white vehicle with the open doors and look under it. Scan the bomb on the car.

In Episode 7: “Glass Houses,” enter the garage near the utility room and scan the label on the white van.

Enter the mansion and find the office near the dining area. Go inside and scan the shipping labels on the desk.

Go to the gym. There is a panel on the right wall which you can use to open a secret path to a room with a wall of photographs. Scan them.

On the first floor of the mansion, you should be able to find Cameron Briller in the living room. Take him out without killing him and search him for the safe combination.

Exit the mansion to find the greenhouse. There is one enemy inside, but after taking care of him, locate the closet to scan the tanks of tear gas.

Next, go to the shooting range. Enter the booth where someone is shooting, and scan the cartridges on the shelf.

Go into the next booth over to find the rifle suppressors.

Leave the booths and enter the little room in the shooting range to find SWAT flak jackets on a shelf.

Finally, open the safe in the pool house to find a file.

In Episode 9: “Independence Day,” enter the high-rise near the loading dock and go to the 21st floor. Find and scan the email on the computer monitor in the main office.

The Boomer Connection

In Episode 8: “Sovereign Land,” speak with Boomer inside the trailer by the compound.

Jim Preston should be in the trailer park. Take him out without killing him and search him to find an ATF agent’s badge.

Continue playing until you find your items. Then go into the compound. A nearby ladder should lead on top of a trailer. Climb it and cross the trailer to enter another building and a torture room. Scan the torture equipment.

Find the boombox in the corner of the torture room and scan the cell phone near it.

Leave that building and head southeast. Enter the compound’s southeast trailer and scan the dossier on the table.

Continue playing until the gas station attack, and then head behind the building. Scan the license plate of the car there.

Leave the gas station and cross the road. You should reach a burned-out building. Find the grave on its left side and scan it.

Finally, head to the airfield. There is a workbench on the left side of the hangar with a ricin bomb on it for you to scan.

Preferred Outcomes

In Episode 9: “Independence Day,” fight the guards in the alleyway and then scan the box of books near the dumpster.

Go to the loading dock and enter the nearby high-rise building. Go to the security room, fight the guard, and then scan the staffing chart on the desk by the calendar.

Still in the high-rise, go to the 20th floor. Find the reception desk and go through the nearby door into the office. Scan the letter on the desk.

On the same floor, enter the meeting room and scan the revenue sketch drawn on its whiteboard.

John Starnes is on the 29th floor. Place him under arrest and search him to find the notice of transfer.

To the right of the 21st floor elevator, there is a wooden cabinet with a photograph on top of it. Scan the photo.

Head to the penthouse and enter the office to the left of the vault. Find the open laptop and scan the bank website on its screen.

Go up the nearby stairs and enter the bedroom. Scan the photograph sitting on the nightstand.

In Episode 10: “Legacy,” go to the roadblock. Inside the same building that the alarm is in, you should find a fax machine. Scan the fax on it.

Once you locate the next alarm, you should be standing close to a hut. Go inside and scan the summons document on the shelf on the other side of the bar.

Leave that area and find the utility complex. Inside the southeast building, scan the dossier on top of the desk.

Go to the northern side of the mansion and use your grappling hook to reach the roof. Enter the glass doors and scan the surveillance log on top of the table.

The people you need to arrest can be found in the following locations:

  • Lawrence Kent – In Episode 1: “Back To School,” he will drive into the schoolyard first. You can arrest him when he leaves his vehicle.
  • Javier Rosado – In Episode 2: “Checking Out,” you’ll encounter him and another guard after the first set of guards in the lobby of the hotel. He’ll be wearing black.
  • Gary Volker – In Episode 2: “Checking Out,” he will arrive with a group of enemies after you meet Leo on the second floor of the lobby. You’ll want to hide and scan the enemies to identify Volker before you arrest him.
  • Luis Minguez – In Episode 3: “Gator Bait,” he is one of the three men in the Everglades Nature Preserve. To reach him, use your grappling hook to climb the area with the fence around it.
  • Thomas Bell – In Episode 3: “Gator Bait,” he is in the central area of the gator farm with a group of enemies.
  • Nathan Brown – In Episode 3: “Gator Bait,” he is near the barn.
  • Philip Evans – In Episode 4: “Case Closed,” he is in the area with the alarm across from the Domo Roboto warehouse. You must tag him and take him out first.
  • Leonard Miller – In Episode 4: “Case Closed,” he is outside the mall near the parking garage. You must take him out first.
  • Frankie Diaz – In Episode 4: “Case Closed,” he is on the mall’s ground floor, with a group of enemies. You should handle them before you try to arrest him.
  • Xavier Gonzalez – In Episode 4: “Case Closed,” he’s in the mall’s food court. You must tag him from the balcony and use the T62-CEW.
  • Edgar Kwok – In Episode 6: “Out Of Business,” go to the salvage yard’s warehouse and climb the right set of stairs. Enter the office you reach to find him.
  • James Mun – In Episode 6: “Out Of Business,” he’s in the area on the other side of the salvage yard’s garage.
  • Ji-hun Oh – In Episode 6: “Out Of Business,” he is in the area with the chop shop’s alarm. You should handle the other enemies in the area before him, and lure him out of the chop shop to arrest him.
  • Cameron Briller – In Episode 7: “Glass Houses,” he will be on the mansion’s first floor, sitting in the living room with someone else. You must tag and take out both men.
  • Marvin Thomas – In Episode 7: “Glass Houses,” he is on the tennis court.
  • Jim Preston – In Episode 8: “Sovereign Land,” he is in the middle area of the compound. You should scan and tag him from outside, and then lure him out to arrest him.
  • Derek Kelly – In Episode 9: “Independence Day,” he is in the lobby. You can either lure him elsewhere to arrest him or use stealth to get him there.
  • John Starnes – In Episode 9: “Independence Day,” you can find him by going to the 20th floor of the high-rise. On that floor, turn right and look at the area below you. Tag the people and take out the other enemies before you arrest him.
  • Howard White – In Episode 10: “Legacy,” he is near the alarm. You must take care of the other enemies in the area first, by using stealth and drawing their attention to other places.
  • Lyle Feldman – In Episode 10: “Legacy,” he is one of a group of enemies at the central area of the cabanas.
  • Craig Foster – In Episode 10: “Legacy,” he is within the area surrounded by a fence in the northeast section of the utility complex. Tag him from outside and lure him out.