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🎮 L’Cie Crystals Guide

L’Cie Crystals Guide

Follow the steps below to find all 43 L’Cie Crystals. You can then go to Iscah and give the crystals to Atra for rewards.

  1. l’Cie Mizu’a’s Crystal – After you recapture McTighe in Chapter 2, you must talk to the mayor, then to every citizen, and then to the mayor again.
  2. l’Cie Kayahara’s Crystal – Search the middle of Corsi Town.
  3. l’Cie Yu’u’s Crystal – Go to Aqvi (Rubrum Region) and talk to Nazuna two times. After that, talk to another child in the area. Go to the entrance to the city and talk to Dominion Tribute, and then take a letter to Nazuna.
  4. l’Cie Lazuline’s Crystal – Go to Keziah (Togoreth Region) and talk to Dominion Quaestor. Deliver each of the 10 letters for her, and talk to her again.
  5. l’Cie Yuka’s Crystal – Go to Mi-Go (North Togoreth Region) and find the four men to the right who want tips on attracting women. Talk to them, and when prompted to respond, select, “Just be casual with her,” “with a friendly ‘Heya!’” “Smart colors, like a suave navy,” and “Get a wild and sexy tan.”
  6. l’Cie Shamhat’s Crystal – Go to Iscah and talk to the mayor two times. After that, you must run after the thief, then tell the mayor you’ll retrieve what was stolen. Talk to the thief, and then visit Atra to find the item nearby, by a Chocobo. Go to the mayor, then up the stairs, and turn right. Inspect the Chocobo there, and take the item to the mayor.
  7. l’Cie Maona’s Crystal – Go to Rokol (Iscah Region) and talk to the Dominion Citizen. Then you must talk to every Legionary in Rokol and Quaestor, and talk to the Dominion Citizen again.
  8. l’Cie Kanna’s Crystal – Go to Toguagh (Eibon Region) and talk to the man who is nearly blind. When prompted to describe the monument, you should select “hexagonal,” “30 feet long,” and “granite.”
  9. l’Cie Suzusu’s Crystal – Search an alley in the eastern section of Meroë (Iscah Region).
  10. l’Cie Ehm’s Crystal – Go to Cetme, behind the Dominion Tribune, and climb up four flights of stairs.
  11. l’Cie Augusta’s Crystal – In the northeast section of Roshana, talk to Dominion Legionary Subaru and then beat 15 Mandragoras. Go to the ramp below Subaru’s location and talk to Dominion Quaestor. Head right to talk to the next Dominion Legionary, and ask him to move.
  12. l’Cie Caelan’s Crystal – Go to Rama (Roshana Province) and complete Yukisato’s Task. Talk to the Kingdom Citizen, and give him the countersign, which will be different every time you go to the town. Continue on and answer the questions right 5 times in a row.
  13. l’Cie Jögge’s Crystal – Go to Bazz (West Nesher District) and take the stairs on the other side of town. Search along the right side to find the crystal in a niche.
  14. l’Cie Anatidus’s Crystal – Go to Shakara (Rilochy Province) and start the task available on the left side. After that, go to the gate and talk to the female Kingdom Citizen until she mentions a gemstone. Head up the ramp to talk to the male Kingdom Citizen, and fulfil his request.
  15. l’Cie Daphnia’s Crystal – At Rilochy, wait for the gate to open, head to the end of the alley, and donate 100 Gil to the priestess. Leave and return to donate more. You need to donate 1,000 Gil total.
  16. l’Cie Albus’s Crystal – Go to Amiter (Dragon Sanctuary) and complete Otokusa’s Task. Stay outside of the town until the fog settles in, and then go inside. Head toward the last ramp on your right, and talk to the Tonberry there.
  17. l’Cie Alöe’s Crystal – Go to Azurr and complete Okita’s Task. Take the MPV-B2 Trunk Key to the Dominion Citizen who can’t find his keys. Give it to him, and inspect the back of the vehicle.
  18. l’Cie Erragal’s Crystal – Search Ultima Ground Zero Area 9 (Old Lorica Region).
  19. l’Cie Kaimanu’s Crystal – Search Mount Jubanla Area 10 (Jubanla Region).
  20. l’Cie Urshanabi’s Crystal – Search Bethnel Caverns Area 10 (Meroë Region).
  21. l’Cie Satori’s Crystal – Go to the Veill Desolands and head south toward the Silent Key. Find the Setzer and search its cockpit.
  22. l’Cie Yugino’s Crystal – Go to Akademia. The crystal will be dropped by a Cactuar that will show up in the Terrace, the Airship Landing, or the Chocobo Ranch.
  23. l’Cie Siduri’s Crystal – Search the southeast section of the Berith Desert.
  24. l’Cie Nimrud’s Crystal –Search the Valley of Monsters Area 6 (Northern Valley).
  25. l’Cie Clareus’s Crystal – Go to the Innsmouth Coast (Innsmouth Region) and search the grass to the east.
  26. l’Cie Anshar’s Crystal – Go to the Deserted House (Old Lorica Region) and search the area beyond the Relic Terminal.
  27. l’Cie Tagisu’s Crystal – Search the Tower of Agito Area 8 (Eibon Region).
  28. l’Cie Enlil’s Crystal – Search the southwestern area of the Northern Valley.
  29. l’Cie Ziusudra’s Crystal – Go to the Jubanla Region, head across the bridge from the Northern Corridor, and search the area to your right.
  30. l’Cie Vesta’s Crystal – Search the end of a road in Mahamayuri.
  31. l’Cie Wehrer’s Crystal – Go to the Azurr District and search the southwestern side of the bridge in the northern area.
  32. l’Cie Theo’s Crystal – Find the crevasse deep with the Cetme District, and search along its western side.
  33. l’Cie Rino’i’s Crystal – Go to the Iscah Region and climb the structure in the southwest.
  34. l’Cie Argenia’s Crystal – Search the southern area of the Rilochy Province.
  35. l’Cie Rhiane’s Crystal – Search the northwest area of the West Nesher District.
  36. l’Cie Jorug’s Crystal – Go to the East Nesher District and search the southwestern side of the bridge that leads from the Gehwer Base.
  37. l’Cie Kiyosaki’s Crystal – Search the northern area of the Eibon Region.
  38. l’Cie Tenebra’s Crystal – Search the middle of the Roshana Province.
  39. l’Cie Aarmad’s Crystal – Search the northeast area of the Innsmouth Region.
  40. l’Cie Caetuna’s Crystal –Go to the Meroë Region and search west of the Bethnel Caverns.
  41. l’Cie Qun’mi’s Crystal – Search north of the Deserted House (Old Lorica Region).
  42. l’Cie Rem’s Crystal – In Chapter 8, search the middle of Pandaemonium Area 34.
  43. l’Cie Machina’s Crystal – In Chapter 8, search the middle of Pandaemonium Area 34.