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🎮 Inquisition Party Members

Inquisition Party Members

Several non-playable characters can also join the Inquisition, helping as either Connections, Forces, Secrets, or Inquisition agents.

  • Barter by Belle (Connections) – After you meet the Chantry and Lord Seeker Templars in Val Royeaux, find her in an outdoor stand and speak with her.
  • Enchanter Ellendra (Connections) – Loot the Templars’ bodies at Winterwatch Tower in the Hinterlands, and then go talk to her at the Crossroads with Cassandra.
  • Fairbanks (Connections) – Complete “Noble Deeds, Noble Hearts,” obtained from Clara at Argon’s Lodge at Emerald Graves, and ask Fairbanks to join.
  • Florianne (Connections) – Expose Florianne’s role in the conspiracy to assassinate the Empress at Halamshiral, and force her to join from Skyhold.
  • Sky Watcher (Connections) – Go to Hargrave’s Keep at the Fallow Mire and rescue the soldiers there. The Sky Watcher is by a Fade Rift you’ll need to close before talking to him.
  • Clemence (Forces) – After encountering Alexius and Fiona during the mages’ alliance section in Redcliffe, talk to Clemence at the Gull & Lantern tavern.
  • Corporal Vale (Forces) – You’ll have the option of letting Vale’s forces join you after you rescue a certain number of refugees in the Hinterlands.
  • Michel de Chevin (Forces) – Once you get the quest to kill Imshael, obtained from a soldier at Emprise du Lion’s village inn, go to Suledin Keep at talk to Michel de Chevin before the battle.
  • Loranil (Forces) – Complete a certain number of quests at the Exalted Plains’ Dalish Camp.
  • Ser Barris (Forces) – Go to the Therinfal Redoubt, join the Templars, and play through “Champions of the Just.”
  • The Blades of Hessarian (Forces) – Craft and equip “Mercy’s Quest,” then enter the bandit camp at Storm’s Coast. You must challenge and defeat the bandit leader, and then talk to anyone else in the camp.
  • Ritts (Secrets) – Play through “Strange Bedfellows,” obtained from Inquisitor Scout at the Hinterlands’ White Pass Camp, either as a dwarf or with Varric in your party.
  • Tanner (Secrets) – Fight the Templars in the Hinterlands to find a note linking Tanner to smugglers. Go to Redcliffe with Cassandra, follow the path by the Chantry, and talk to Tanner.
  • Jana (Secrets) – Go to Crestwood with Solas and talk to Jana at the North Gate Camp.
  • Frederic (Secrets) – Finish his entire quest line at the Western Approach.
  • Alexius (Secrets) – Join the mages at Redcliffe Castle, let Alexius live, and force him to join from Skyhold. You’ll need to have the Arcane Knowledge perk to do this.
  • Servis (Secrets) – Find him at Western Approach, arrest him, and force him to join from Skyhold.
  • Horsemaster Dennet (Inquisition) – Talk to him at his ranch, on the western side of the Hinterlands, with Cassandra or Vivienne in your party.
  • Lord Berand (Forces/Connections) – Play through his quest after talking to him at Dwarfson’s Pass in the Hinterlands, and choose which way you’d like him to help.
  • Speaker Anais (Connections/Secrets) – Go to the Hinterlands and play through “Praise the Herald of Andraste,” and choose the way you’d like Anais to join.