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🎮 Lost Letters Held by Skeletons

Lost Letters Held by Skeletons

Search the locations described below to find all of the lost letters held by skeletons.

Letter 1 – Charlotte, Nov. 1819

Coordinates – X: 309, Y: 325

Start from the coordinates 313, 325 (X, Y) and go into Kyra’s Slumber. From there, find the correct coordinates and head to the far back, where a skeleton waits with the letter.

Letter 2 – Robert, Dec. 1819

Coordinates – X: 279, Y: 564

Start from 275, 563 and go inside the cave there. The skeleton waits at the end.

Letter 3 – Robert, Jan. 1820

Coordinates – X: 425, Y: 701

Search the tiny island at the center of the lake at Rato Lagoon.

Letter 4 – Charlotte, Jan. 1820

Coordinates – X: 395, Y: 659

This one is at the back of the cave at Yalung’s Seed.

Letter 5 – Robert, Sept. 1819

Coordinates – X: 465, Y: 449

Go into the cave at Yalung’s Rot. Climb up the ledge to your right and head right until you find a green tunnel. The skeleton is inside.

Letter 6 – Robert, Aug. 1819

Coordinates – X: 369, Y: 600

At Yashini’s Ecstasy, go to the well and beyond to find a shrine on the left side, where the skeleton lies by a statue of a demon.

Letter 7 – Charlotte, Aug. 1819

Coordinates – X: 488, Y: 562

Start from 491, 559 and go into the cave at Yalung’s Mind. The skeleton is in the back.

Letter 8 – Robert, April 1820

Coordinates – X: 593, Y: 794

From the Keo Rija Mine, follow the stream up to the coordinates for the letter.

Letter 9 – Charlotte, March 1820

Coordinates – X: 529, Y: 654

This one is at the back of the Sealed KEO Mine.

Letter 10 – Robert, Nov. 1819

Coordinates – X: 585, Y: 610

Go into the house and break the obstacles to reach the cave, where you’ll find the skeleton at the end.

Letter 11 – Charlotte, May 1820

Coordinates – X: 690, Y: 688

From Svargiya Takataki Camp, grapple up onto the ledge to your right, from which you can reach a little tower marked with a flag. The skeleton is near the tower.

Letter 12 – Charlotte, June 1820

Coordinates – X: 708, Y: 810

Go into the cave at Yalung’s Belly, and search the middle of the open area in the back.

Letter 13 – Robert, July 1820

Coordinates – X: 801, Y: 814

From Lieutenant’s Rest at 796, 806, climb onto a ledge that has ropes hanging from it. Jump to the next ledge and grapple up the cliff. Go left across a log, leap the chasm, and go into the cave. Inside, you can grapple up to the top to find the skeleton.

Letter 14 – Robert, June 1820

Coordinates – X: 785, Y: 627

From beneath the bridge at Kyra Ki Sansa, and go to the bridge, go to the hills to reach the coordinates for the letter.

Letter 15 – Charlotte, Feb. 1820

Coordinates – X: 456, Y: 752

Enter Banashur’s Refuge starting from 451, 755. At the very back, the skeleton is in front of a shrine.

Letter 16 – Robert, March 1820

Coordinates – X: 401, Y: 781

Start at 408, 774 and grapple up. At the very top, ropes hang from a ledge. From there, head east of KEO Logistics and go into the house. The skeleton is beneath the stairs.

Letter 17 – Charlotte, Oct. 1819

Coordinates – X: 497, Y: 398

Start from 492, 408 and grapple left to Yalung’s Jaw. In the middle area of the cave, the skeleton is against one of the right walls.

Letter 18 – Charlotte, Nov. 1819

Coordinates – X: 552, Y: 485

At Kalinag’s Descent, climb the ledge at 554, 453. Grapple to the ledge to your left, go to the ledge after that, and then grapple across the chasm. Make your way across a log to the next ledge with ropes hanging from it, and head toward the waterfall. From there, grapple to the platform below, and head right to find a huge statue. The skeleton lies beneath the statue’s face.

Letter 19 – Charlotte, July 1819

Coordinates – X: 295, Y: 509

Grapple from 302, 505 and then go right. When you reach 299, 509, enter the cave there. The skeleton is at the back.

Letter 20 – Robert, June 1819

Coordinates – X: 375, Y: 505

Go to 374, 502 and find Smuggler’s Portage. The skeleton is inside, near the middle.