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The Swapper – Getting Started and Tips

The Swapper is a neat new atmospheric game with a sci-fi setting. It plays out like a puzzler and a platformer, so gamers may have a little bit of an adjustment period when starting out. If you are having trouble, use our guide to get started. We also have some tips to help you so that you can get through each level without using a walkthrough! Good luck!

The Swapper

Be Patient

Sometimes, it takes a bit for the solution to the puzzle to become apparent. Give yourself time to figure it out! If you get really frustrated, don't be ashamed to check out a walkthrough. Sometimes a simple hint can help you find the answer.

Blue Light

If you come into an area with blue light, you will not be able to create any clones. You will be able to swap, however. Keep this in mind when trying to progress.

Creating a Clone

You'll need to know how to make clones in this game. To create one, click an area away from your character. The clone will then spawn where you specify. Remember, you can spawn a clone near or far from your character.

Memory Terminals

Always look for these terminals throughout the game – they will give you some background on the story of The Swapper. These terminals really make the game complete, don't ignore them!

Number of Clones

You can have up to four clones at the same time. If you find yourself stuck in a level, try working with more clones. That might be the answer you need.

Play Through

This game is short, only a couple of hours long. It's best if you can beat this game in a few sessions. Don't start the game and then forget about it for a few weeks, as it will make it much harder to get back into the game and remember how to solve the puzzles with your clones and swapping.

Plan Ahead

After you finish the game, there is no way to go back to individual chapters. You'll need to start a new save. If you want to get all the achievements on a single playthrough, plan ahead. I recommend simply getting through the game first, then going back to get all the trophies or achievements you missed.


The Swapper is a game that gets harder as you progress. Because of this, it's important to take the time in the beginning to learn how to play the game and get familiar with the controls. This will help you understand how to solve puzzles and use the clones.

Red Lights

If you come into an area with red light, you will be able to create clones, but you won't be able to swap them. You'll need to figure out how to progress with this limitation.


You can slow things down by creating a clone or swapping them while in mid-air. When you do this, time will slow down so you can make more precise movements and get better accuracy. This is helpful for tricky puzzles.


When you run through a small spotlight, all your clones will disappear. Keep this in mind before you pass through these lights.