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Watch Dogs: Little Sister – get Nicky to the car


Objective: Hack the network to find Nicky

To hack the network to find Nickey you’ll need to head over to the north west corner of the building near the waypoint. You can start hacking from the doorway here, to keep youself just out of danger.

Objective: Take out Nicky’s guard
Objective: Hack the guard’s phone
Objective: Guide Nicky to a car

Tilt the camera to the right and switch to the next available camera. Trigger the explosives next to the guard and hack his cell phone. After the cutscene guide Nicky to the car. The hacks you can set off on the guards are random and be careful with explosives as they prompt the guards to search more thoroughly.

Turn the camera left and switch to next camera in the other room. Move it up and change to the camera on the wall above. The level above is guarded but even if he spots Nicky he won’t see her for long enough to become alert, so don’t worry about him now.

Distract the guard right in front of Nicky by hacking the forklift and moving Nicky behind the palettes. Move the camera to the far left and move Nicky into the big red container below. Change to the camera above the yellow beam and when the guard on the far right and the guard in the middle are turned away, move her behind the red carrier container positioned on the right. Change to the camera across the room and you’ll be seeing everything from the opposite end.

When the guy closest to Nicky move left, move Nicky inside the orange container. Change to the camera above and move Nicky to the far right side of the carrier so she’s still hidden from the guard. Go back to the previous camera and turn it to view the yellow beam, and when the guard moves away move Nicky behind the pipes below.

Now there’s only one guard between Nicky and the car. Turn the camera to the left so the car is in shot. Hack the protector on the left of the car which will distract the guard, then move Nocky to the cardboard boxes. Now access the lift to the right to distract the guard again, and when he moves get Nicky to the car. She will get in and drive off herself.

Objective: Kill all fixers or escape

You can either stand and fight the fixers, but as you’re right outside the building with cars nearby you may as well make your break for it now with relative ease.

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