Firefall: Take Advantage of the Monster’s Weak Points

In the futuristic world of Firefall, there are countless creatures that pose a great danger to your well-being. You can imagine how powerful a mutated, giant insectoid is. While some monsters in the online world can be taken down solo, some others require you to have a group assembled. To make it through these challenges with your friends and come out unscathed, we have collected a list of the weak points of various monsters.
MonsterStrengthHelpful TacticsSandsharkHeavily armoredVunerable underbellyHisserAttacks from undergroundBurst damageThresherKnock-backAttack other monstersVarantPowerful poisonRanged combatCulexFlying unitPrevent from spawning (nest)NautilusAddsAoE damageStorm KestrelDefends its nestPlay passivelyScarabHuge clawsPrevent from spawning (Thumper)BrinewyrmFlammable slimeNo plasma weaponsSkiverStacking poisonMovement, play aggresivelyAranhaExploding nestsPrevent from spawning (Nest)
The important thing to remember is that it doesn’t require complex, elaborate tactics – but simple tips that can help you get the best of the monsters. Another weakness is to prevent the spawn of creatures by destroying the insect nests or areas that you happen upon along your travels.