Bloons Monkey City Cheats: 5 Awesome Tricks You Never Knew Before

Bloons Monkey City is without a doubt one of the more engrossing and in-depth city building and tower defense games in the mobile gaming scene. Your objective in the game is to “take back the wilderness from the invading bloon hordes and pop your way from a modest settlement to a thriving metropolis,” with other goals being to attack bloon-infested territories and add these to your larger territory. You’ll also take part in tower defense levels, on top of your main objectives, when trying to capture land. And with those objectives having been established, we’re coming to you with five Bloons Monkey City cheats that may help you attain them and help you build the most powerful city possible.

1. Don’t Take The Tower Defense Mini-Games Lightly

Mini-games are usually optional in nature, with no lives to lose and nothing to lose on your end either should you decide to take them lightly. But you’ll want to give it your best shot in the tower defense segments, as this would be how you will be claiming more land for yourself. You should also make sure you can get past them without losing any of your lives. Completing these segmentswith your lives intact will earn you more Bloonstones; this is Bloon Monkey City’s premium currency, and you’ll use these to expedite construction and allow you to push forward without paying even if you’ve lost all your lives.

2. When In Doubt, Check The Quest Book

If you’re a new player, or simply unsure of what to do next, the Quest Book will be your best friend. Check the book and it will tell you of your general path in the game; every quest completed gives you more coins and experience points, so don’t pass up the chance to undertake a quest.

3. Beginners Should Start With Two-Dot Stages

No sense in trying to bite off more than you can chew if you’re just starting out. Tapping on unclaimed land will show you a bloons icon and a number of dots; stages that only have two corresponding dots are the easiest ones, which is where you’ll want to start if you’re a beginner.

4. Coins And Monkey Bank

When starting the game, you’ll have one monkey bank, and it would only be able to hold 1,500 coins. As you earn 100 coins each time you claim land, it won’t be difficult to fill your bank’s capacity to the brim; that makes it important to use your coins as much as possible before your bank reaches its limit. As you progress along, you’ll also be able to create more monkey banks, so don’t worry if you feel 1,500 coins isn’t enough money.

5. Always Check Tower Forecasts First

Tower forecasts can be viewed before starting tower defense levels, and in here you’ll see a data box that comes with an overview explaining the recommended and restricted types of towers. Follow these forecasts as often as you could, as you could save about 15 percent when following the game’s recommendations.