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Monster Busters Cheats: 6 Awesome Tips & Tricks to Survive Hard Levels

It’s been a while since we’ve talked you through some Match 3 game tips and we shall be gladly returning to this uber-popular genre with MonsterBusters. Like most every other Match 3 game, MonsterBusters comes with a twist or two, and one of them is the fact that you’ll be matching three or more monsters of the same kind. Each stage comes with its own unique challenges and while you may want to disregard the numerous testimonials on the Google Play blurb (as these will soon be banned from product descriptions), you’ll still be able to enjoy classic Match 3 gaming with MonsterBusters, though with its own unique twists. Here we have six awesome Monster Busters tips, that may help you get past the tougher levels just like you were starting out with the easier ones.

1. Look For Big Matches, The Bigger, The Better

When it comes to the higher levels, it would take much more than matching three monsters at a time. Whether you’re matching four or five monsters, or creating a T or L-shaped combination, you’ll have much more success in reaching your goals as compared to simply matching three identical monsters.

2. Start At The Bottom If You’re In Doubt

This is one of the most constant tips in Match 3 games – if you’re stuck in a rut or not sure of what to do next, always work the bottom part of the board. Of course, you should focus on other parts of the board if you’re trying to free Gingermen or do something similar, but starting at the bottom gives you a better chance of creating special pieces with a big combination.

3. If You Don’t Succeed, Then Try Again

Match 3 games are largely predicated on luck, as sometimes you’ll be stuck with a board that is simply impossible to work with. This will ring especially true once you’ve reached the higher levels, where your goals are substantially loftier than in the early levels. You may have to replay certain levels to refresh the board; who knows, you just might luck out and get yourself a new arrangement that will work to your favor.

4. Use Special Items Only If You Really Need Them

Sometimes these items won’t have the amazing effect you desire, and sometimes you may end up bringing them with you on a level, only to see the item used in the level after all. In simpler terms, save these special items for those really difficult levels.

5. Succeeding In Boss Battles

Now here’s one twist you don’t see in too many Match 3 games –the boss battle. When playing MonsterBusters, you’ll want to focus on the boss during these rounds, and with that having been said, keep in mind that corner attacks won’t work in these situations.

6. Connecting Your Game To Facebook

We’re going to throw this tip in here just because it gives you a way to get additional lives without having to cheat. Just be sure to invite only those who are interested in playing MonsterBusters when inviting people to play the game with you.