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Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom Guides and Tricks

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom Guides and Tricks

We remember that last year we shared to you a guide about the first release of Sonic title for iOS and Android with Sonic Runners. Fron the initial release the game already reached 140 million downloads featuring the cast of your favorite Sonic Boom. Compare to the other release of Sonic Dash titles, here will experience playing with new and amazing 3D worlds, challenges and gameplay. A new app with the same character to play such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles, Tails, Amy and the additional character, Sticks. For the feature, you can enjoy to race up to three characters in new Team Play mode. As you continue playing this game, everything is getting difficult but you don’t need to worry since you can unleash new special powers in this game like Sonic’s Dash Ring Magnet, Amy’s Ring Hammer, Knuckle’s Slam and lot more. To bring new twist in this game, developer included a new way to play this game such as Swing and Tilt gameplay plus with super charged Enerbeam wherein you need to tilt your your device to swing the runner towards the rings and orbs. You are not only running, you can collect, evolve and run with new magical Sprites in game. There is also a competition in this game which will encourage you to play the game for hours through events and daily SEGA Challenges. And that is why there are lots of players out there who are looking for Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom cheats so they can have advantage in game.

1. Always go for junctions. If ever that you see a path on the right or left lanes that veers off, that way will leads you to a junction. As for junctions, these are where you can bank your rings safely and switch runners if you want. So from it is better for you to always enter a junction even if you don’t want to switch runners since every time you do, you will acquire a banking bonus what will multiplies the amount of rings that you store away.

2. Always keep your combo going. If you are looking forward to earn lots of points in this game, what you need to do is to keep your score combo going. Keep in mind that every time you attack an enemy as well as narrowly dodge an obstacles or run over a boost pad, your score combo will go up by one. So as a summary, there will lots of points waiting for you as you increase your combo chain.

3. Follow and complete your missions. In this game, missions come into two options objectives that you can complete during a run. Keep a practice on completing these missions as this will give you lots of rings and experience. So if you are looking forward on earning lots of rings together with XP point, you can consider completing your missions.

4. Don’t forget to upgrade your characters. Keep in mind that every character has a special score modifier on them. For instance, Sonic has a distance score bonus based on how far you run. And when you are using Amy, she has an enemy score which gets you bonus points based on how many enemies you attack. You can increase the bonus by upgrading Sonic while upgrade characters will as you to pay lots of rings.

5. You should utilize the sprites. In this game, Sprites come as power-ups which will help you on your current run. They can either be one use or you can use this permanently. Sprites can boost specific behavior of your character such as increasing the length of your dash  as well as making certain items appear more often and so on. As you start playing the game, you will only one slot but additionally you can purchase two additional slots for red rings.

6. Find spring pads in game. You will see them as a little blue circles that is capable of launching you into the sky when you run over them. There are times they will give you a little safe boost ahead while there are times they will send you into a mini area in the sky. These are very help as they contain no hazards as well as bonus area full of rings, orbs and hoops. So just look out for spring pads and take them whenever you can.