Emoji Combos Answers All Levels

Emoji Combos Answers, Solutions and Cheats for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android. If you are stuck and need help with a puzzle level of Emoji Combos – a word game with emoji pictures. We have complete walkthrough guide with all levels solved. The game is created by Apprope and available on iTunes and Google Play. In Emoji Combos, you will be presented with a combination of emojis that will clue into a single word or phrase. For example, there could be an icon puzzle of a “car” and an icon of a “shower.” Combine the two clues, and you will find the correct answer: “carwash”. Some questions are easy and some are very difficult, but if you get stuck you can always use an in game hint or our solutions. So if you think you can solve all the emoji combination puzzles, then download the game app for free. Hope you will enjoy our Emoji Combos Answers.
Emoji Combos Answers All Levels

Emoji Combos Answers, Solutions and Cheats All Levels

Emoji Combos Answers Level 1
Level 1-1: Christmas Time
Level 1-2: Fingerprints
Level 1-3: Cash Cow
Level 1-4: House Cat
Level 1-5: Stopwatch
Level 1-6: Wedding Day
Level 1-7: Carnival Ride
Level 1-8: Itunes

Emoji Combos Answers Level 2
Level 2-1: Pup Tent
Level 2-2: Squid Ink
Level 2-3: Gameboy
Level 2-4: Hot Chick
Level 2-5: Family Photo
Level 2-6: Chocolate Cake
Level 2-7: Plane ticket
Level 2-8: Love Story
Level 2-9: Bulldozer

Emoji Combos Answers Level 3
Level 3-1: Love Birds
Level 3-2: Camptown Races
Level 3-3: Firefly
Level 3-4: Anchorman
Level 3-5: Dark Meat
Level 3-6: Sour Grapes
Level 3-7: Gas Light
Level 3-8: Cornbread
Level 3-9: Snake Eyes

Emoji Combos Answers Level 4
Level 4-1: Dart Mouth
Level 4-2: Letter Head
Level 4-3: Church Bells
Level 4-4: Star Chart
Level 4-5: Hot Dog
Level 4-6: Volcanic Isle
Level 4-7: Love Song
Level 4-8: Mutant
Level 4-9: Wedding Cake

Emoji Combos Answers Level 5
Level 5-1: Kiss Of Death
Level 5-2: Shoe Horn
Level 5-3: Up In Smoke
Level 5-4: Party Bus
Level 5-5: Book Lover
Level 5-6: Polar Bear
Level 5-7: Bowling Pin
Level 5-8: City Of Angels
Level 5-9: Door Stop
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