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Dragons World Hack for Gold, Crystals & Food

Have you ever dreamed of having your own pet dragon? Better yet, have you ever wanted to live on a floating magical island filled with dragons? If you answered yes to these questions, Dragons World might be exactly what you need!

Dragons World is developed by Social Quantum, who you might know as the developer of the city building game Megapolis or may have heard of their match-3 games, Atlantis Adventure and Magic Kitchen. Still, it’s safe to say that their most successful game is Dragons World, which we’ll talk about in detail.

Dragons World is currently rated 4.2/5 stars on the Google Play Store and 4.5/5 stars on the Apple App Store. The game has been downloaded ten millions of times since it’s release, hinting at something addicting about it, that keeps players coming back for more.

The game features fostering and breeding various kinds of dragons and even presents the League of Dragons, where they can show off their power against others. The main focus is taking care of your dragons, feeding them and helping them become strong as they grow up. You will also get a good amount of quests which help you in managing this.

At the start of the game you are sent to your own magical island, which happens to be floating high up in the sky. This island is what your dragons will call their home. After starting your journey in Dragons World, you will have to get your first dragon eggs from the shop. At the start there are eggs available only from two elements: fire and earth.

After you get the eggs, you will need to take them to the Nursery, where they will hatch. Once the eggs are hatched, you have to place your baby dragons the habitats which you’ll have to build for them on your island. Each habitat has an element just as dragons do, so for example you can’t place your Fire Dragon in your earth habitat, it will only feel good in the fire habitat. After passing the first few levels, you will gain access to the Nature Dragon egg, which is the last of the three basic elements from which you can get dragons at the beginning.

Your baby dragons all start out as tiny and cute, but also weak and helpless. So, to help foster them, your first duty is to feed them. Your island can have multiple greenhouses where you can grow food. It takes time for the food to grow, but once it’s done, you can start feeding your baby dragons. They usually eat four times before gaining a level and growing, but as they get high level and get more mature they will eat more and more food at once.

As you level up your dragons, you will notice that every third level they gain special abilities and bonuses. Once they reach level 3, they will get battle abilities and passive bonuses. Battle abilities are usually very simple in the beginning, like Fire Breath or Acid Spit. Passive bonuses are usually useful for your island and not for battling others. For example if you choose your level 3 Nature Dragon to have faster clearing speed, then you command it to clear a tree, it will finish the job faster.

Other than fostering and watching your dragons become stronger, you can also breed them. Breeding works by sending two dragons specified by you to the Breeding Cave, which every island has at the start. Once they are at the Breeding Cave, it will show how much time it takes to finish and once it’s done, you will receive a new egg. This egg will be special, because it will be a combination of the two parent dragons’ elements. So if you send your Fire Dragon and your Earth Dragon to the Breeding Cave, they will produce a lava egg, from which a Lava Dragon will hatch.

There are currently 215 different dragons available in Dragons World and all you have to do is experiment with breeding your already existing ones. Gathering them all is surely a big challenge. Do you have a Water Dragon and a Fire Dragon? Alright, go ahead and breed them, see what special egg you’ll get! There are also some rare eggs, which you can only get during special events or opportunities in the game. One such opportunity is a small floating island, where a huge treasure chest is found, which only stays near your island for 24 hours.

Once you feel somewhat content with your current dragons and feel like they are strong enough, you can send them to the League of Dragons, which is a battle arena where you can send a team of three against a team of an enemy players’ three dragons. At first you get 7 random opponents who are close in level. This is your Dragon League 1, the easiest league. When you beat all of these players, you will progress towards the next leagues, where you’ll get tougher opponents. There is also a Dragon Tournament scheduled usually, which lasts a shorter time, has more rewards, but is similar in format.

Each dragon has a basic attack and an elemental attack, but you can train them to learn new abilities. You can also set them up with some armor to survive battles easier. You usually send three dragons to battle and once one of them is defeated, you can choose from the remaining two and they will be sent in that order to fight. Whichever player has the last dragon standing wins.

If you are tired of battling others, Dragons World offers other pastimes, like spending time on decorating your island. There are lots of different decorative items available in the shop to place. Once your island is pretty enough, you can invite friends to check it out. They can also claim rewards for visiting you daily, just as you can do the same on their island!

You can also buy buildings, which all serve different purposes. The Forge for example is where you can craft armor and amulets for your dragons. While buildings and most decorations cost gold, which is the main currency of the game, some can be only bought for gems, which is a more rare currency. Gems can also be used to fasten the breeding process, hatching time for eggs, clearing obstacles like trees. Basically almost anything can be completed instantly with them, but probably the most interesting use for gems is buying special dragon eggs from the shop. Although breeding can provide the same eggs, but if you don’t have the required parent dragons, you can get the desired egg from the shop.

While your habitats generate gold over time, you can only gain a significant amount of gems by either winning them in the League of Dragons, or buying them with real money. You can also buy gold and food the same way, with varying prices. They all come in different amounts and cost anywhere from $0.99 to around $74.99.
The game also features achievements and leaderboards. Achievements range from breeding specific dragons to visiting friends daily. Some of them give out gems too, but not a huge amount. The leaderboards are based on player level and separately for dragon level. So if you spend a lot of time on the game, you might show up at the top!

Dragons World Hack for Gold, Crystals & Food

If you are at home playing Dragons World, then you are probably aware of just how many gold, crystals, and amounts of food that you need to get through the game. You can get these items through the app store, but you will notice that it gets really expensive, and this is something most people can’t afford to do. If this sounds like you, then you need to download the free Dragons World hack tool, which gives you the gold, crystals, and food for free.

If you check out the free hack tool image featured below, you will notice that you just need to enter the amounts of gems, crystals, and food you want into the options menu


Download the Dragons World hack tool right here on our website, which takes around 20 seconds, and then it will automatically install, which should also take about 20 seconds. You will have to select either iOS or Android and then just enter the amounts of gold, crystals, and food that you want to add to your account.

When you are ready to begin, simply press on “Start” and you will begin the generator, and this takes less than 30 seconds to finish. Once that has completed, just open up the game on your device, and the items will be added to your account. The best part about this free hack tool is that you can get as many items as you want for free, and you don’t ever have to spend a penny in the app store.

Unique Dragons World Cheats & Tips

The most important thing you should always remember is that Dragons World requires a constant internet connection to play, therefore make sure your connection won’t have troubles while playing the game, otherwise you might be disconnected often, being unable to finish what you started!

For the same reason cheats are not advised to use, because everything happens on the server, so you will probably get in trouble for that. So just stick with the tips and tricks I share with you and you’ll have a good time with the game.


Now, as for tips to manage your island, you should always try follow the quests at first. They all provide you with rewards, if you complete them. If you don’t have something needed for a quest, just let it rest for a while until you do and finish the others meanwhile. Even if a quest seems meaningless, like “Decorate your island with 2 Bushes.” you should do it, since it rewards you just as any other.


Another tip you shouldn’t forget is always try and schedule food to grow, dragons to breed and eggs to hatch when you are about to log off, because they take a long time and if you forget, you will be behind the next time you open the game.

If you would like to be good at League of Dragons, remember that you can swap the order of your team of dragons around, so if you have a dragon which is stronger than the others, place it at the front, so it gets into the fight first. This makes you less likely to lose a dragon immediately if the enemy player has a strong opener.

On the other hand, if your dragons all are busy doing something on your island and you only have one dragon ready, you can send it to battle still and while you might be outnumbered against three enemies, if your dragon is strong enough, it might still defeat multiple lower level enemies.


Also, don’t forget to check out the diagram at the bottom of the League of Dragons screen, which shows you what element is strong or weak against another!

Dragons World Review

Dragons World is big game, with a lot of things to do in it. At first I felt lost, but fortunately there is an extensive tutorial, which provides you with lots of quests to help out. Even after passing the first few levels, the tutorial just added more and more quests for me to complete, always giving a sense of direction as to where to proceed in the game.


Overall the gameplay is very slow and relaxing, but I couldn’t play the game for long at once, because every action takes a lot of time. If you want your dragons to breed, it takes hours depending on their elements and levels. If you want to grow some food for them, it takes half a hour for a “good” amount of food to be ready. If you want an egg to hatch, it takes multiple hours. This game is definitely meant to be played in short bursts.

That said, I really liked the breeding part and finding out what kind of eggs I got in the end. When I received my first Fruit Dragon, it was a very funny moment. I was a little sad though, when I figured out that I can only hatch one egg and send one couple of dragons into the Breeding Cave at once. I would’ve liked to spare some time and do more of these actions at once, but that can only be done with gems or with upgrading buildings, which costs a tremendous amount of gold for a new player.

As for the battle arena part of the game, it was very simple. I got sent to fight another player and got to either choose the basic attack of my dragon or it’s elemental attack. There are some elements which are stronger or weaker against others and it’s even explained in a little diagram at the bottom of the League of Dragons screen, which was useful to me.

I lost the first few battles, but as my dragons gained levels, I had more success as they had more health and could take more blows from the enemy. I got stuck with the same players in the first league and while I gained levels, they remained at the same low level, so I had an easier time finishing them off. Probably if they would’ve played more, they would’ve became stronger. As far as I know the game replaces these players in your league after two days with new ones, but only if you couldn’t defeat them yet. Well, that didn’t happen for me.

I feel like the early levels are mostly about spamming the dragons’ skills, rather than real tactics. Later on with armor and more abilities it’s probably more interesting, but I couldn’t get that far, yet again because of the long wait times and big costs to get food to level up my dragons.

As for managing the island, it’s very standard, no troubles to be had there, other than the fact that clearing trees and rocks take hours as well, while only being able to clear one at a time, which is a little disheartening. Overall Dragons World is a solid game, but has it’s problems which hold it back from becoming better.

Our Ratings

Artwork: I give the game’s artwork a 7/10. Fits the dragon theme and it mostly looks pretty for a mobile game. The only complaint I have about it is that it’s not very inspired. There are many games on the market with this exact style.

Music & SFX: The music gets a 6/10 from me. Overall the music quality is good. Some variety could help though, since the same song keeps repeating in most of the game. After hours and hours into it, you will notice that the music is always the same. The SFX is very standard with nothing special to say about it, but the battle sounds didn’t really impress me.

Story & Originality: The story gets a 5/10. I can’t rate it lower or higher, because it’s mostly non-existent. You can only learn some smaller tidbits about the game’s background by using the “information” button on buildings and such. The story is not presented in any meaningful way and has no impact on the game at all. You are fostering, breeding and battling dragons, but that’s all, which is not too original.

General Gameplay: The gameplay gets a 6/10 from me. It’s overall fun, but can get repetitive after a while. The amount of gold required on higher levels to feed dragons and the wait times for each action to complete can be very fustrating, which might lower the enjoyment for people.

Addictiveness: The addictiveness of Dragons World gets a 7/10. It’s truly an addicting game, no doubt, but the long wait times are working against this hugely. If a player is persistent enough, it can definitely be a game which is worth to check on multiple times a day.

Overall Score: 6/10.