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Ski Safari 2 Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

Sleepy Z Studios’ Ski Safari 2 is the “world’s most fantastical, fun, family-friendly skiing game,” and you can now get it for your iOS device. This time, you’re playing as Ski Safari hero Sven’s sister Evana, performing more awesome tricks on skis and snowboards alike, and even riding on new animals. There are also avalanches that you have to look out for – it’s the forces of nature that could make things challenging for you. Additionally, you can also play as Sven, and ride on other objects aside from skis and snowboards – these include motorcycles, snowmobiles, “or something a little more crazy.”

Going far before you get caught by the avalanche (or other forces of nature) is one thing, but you should also go far with style. And we’re here to help you with that, as these Ski Safari 2 tips and tricks run the gamut; they’re not just here to help you be stylish, but also score as high as possible.

1. Avoid Flipping, Regardless Of Direction

If you’re flying your vehicle off a ramp, a cliff, or other platforms and hold down the left or right side of your iPhone or iPad, that will make you do a front or back flip. These are fun moves to pull off, but they are also quite dangerous. Things can get quite unpredictable – it’s hard to foresee where the ground is, so you may be flipping to a quick endgame.

Although, Ski Safari 2 rewards combos and trick moves, doing front or back flips may be too dangerous to pull off unless you’re totally sure you’re safe on the way down.

2. Take Advantage Of The Air Time

As you control Evana or Sven and have them fly through the air, you should take advantage of your hang time. That’s the perfect time to launch some trick moves, and if you’re able to come up with three before you land, you’ll be rewarded with a speed boost. It’s temporary, but if you make use of it, you’ll be able to avoid most, if not all obstacles in your way.

3. Avoid Hard Landings

There may be times when you’re bound for a hard fall, but these can be avoided. Try not to land in such an awkward angle from the ground, but if you do land that way, there’s a chance you can ride the momentum and actually hit the ground with a bullet. That means going faster than you normally would and putting you farther away from the avalanche…or force of nature.

4. Save Gold To Buy Additional Zones

Leveling up in Ski Safari 2 can come really fast in the early goings, and that includes earning a whole lot of gold. Don’t spend that gold on new costumes or new boards, unless you’re sure you’ve got more than enough. Instead, save the gold to buy the two additional zones – the prehistoric zone and the gold rush zone. That’s more excitement, less monotony, and brand new scenery and goals to tackle.