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List of Sonic the Hedgehog couples

List of Sonic the Hedgehog couples
If you mean OFFICIAL couples by canon, then...

Amy considers herself to be Sonic's girlfriend whereas Sonic is much less keen on that, so it could be considered a couple.

In the comics, Sonic has kissed Princess Sally, and they were in love.

Cosmo and Tails were in love with eachother until Cosmo sacrificed herself to save the universe.

Shadow and Rouge are very unlikely to be an official couple, since Shadow does not show any signs of romance towards Rouge, or anyone in that matter. Although it is stated in a Sonic 2006 game guide that there are rumours that Rouge has feelings for Shadow, but it is still unknown by canon.

Knuckles and Rouge may have a slight crush on eachother, but they show hate/ rivalry between eachother and will not admit anything.

Shadow and Maria were best friends, but it is quite unlikely they loved eachother.

Blaze and Silver probably don't love eachother since they have not shown any particular signs of romance so far, so it is unknown by canon.

There are no gay relationships in the Sonic series.