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How can you beat Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts

How can you beat Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts
This is the hardest boss on the game. I will give you as much help as I can. First, to have any shot at winning you must have all magic enhancing abilities equipped such as all MP rages and MP Haste. The Second Chance ability is also mandatory. Ars Arcana and Strike Raid are also nice to have. Have Cure mapped to quick spell buttons.
PHASE I- Lifebars 1+2 It is suggested to have oblivion or ultima weapon equipped

Sephiroth has 6 life bars. 5 normal ones, and one "invisible" one that you
must get rid of before his damage meter starts to go down. This phase really
isn't that difficult. He has two primary attacks. If you get near him, he'll
lunge at you with his sword, which reaches a long way. If you stay
near him, he'll cast Halo, which causes a lot of
damage. He can also jump across the arena and lunge at you with his sword.

For this phase, basically you need to ALWAYS KEEP YOURSELF HIGH ON HEALTH! It will
save your butt. Run around for a while and when he jumps across the arena he won't try to attack you until he's safely on the ground. So right as he touches the ground then, unleash a combo. Note that if you successfully land a 4-hit combo, he
will disappear and teleport behind you to try to damage you, just use dodge roll and get out of the way and after you roll 2 or 3 times lock onto him again. NEVER EVER go near him! just wait until he jumps at you. After you take off his first "visible" life bar, he'll enter his next "phase", which is probably the most difficult.

PHASE II- Lifebars 3+4

Now, he's much tougher. In my opinion, this is his hardest phase. He has three
primary attacks in this stage. First, he'll run like a madman across the
arena, slashing you and teleporting directly behind you. There's not much to
do here except to keep yourself cured and using dodge roll. However, you need to try to time your rolls when he teleports around. His second attack is to teleport
across the arena and do a spell that will lower your health to 1 and take away all of your magic. Finally, he will jump up in the air and fly at you, slashing away for about 10 seconds, finishing with a difficult to avoid combo.

As I said before, while he's teleporting around the arena, he's VERY difficult
to hit, and you need to time your rolls correctly. Every once in a while,
he'll teleport across the arena and say "Sin Heartless Angels" When you see the orange light on him, IMMEDIATELY superglide or roll to him and hit him a few times to interrupt his spell. If you see the orange light get to you BEFORE you get to him, IMMEDIATELY go into your item menu. The INSTANT he performs the spell, click your elixir, cause he'll be charging at you, trying to finish you off. For his third attack, he'll give you about a second warning by the arena getting much darker. That's your cue to roll around. Just repeatedly roll around. He'll get you a few times, but if you roll a lot, he won't kill you. After it's over, IMMEDIATELY cure. Then, he will ALWAYS teleport across the arena and do his heartless angel-spell again, so lock onto him and superglide to him to interrupt it.
After the entire yellow bar is visible, he'll enter his final phase.

PHASE III- Lifebars 5+6

In this phase, he will go to the center of the arena and a huge light will
come on him. He will then call down 5 or 6 meteors, so jump up to avoid the
waves of them landing. The meteors will then go in circles around the arena,
and there's no safe place. He will then detonate the meteors, creating a huge
explosion. His other attacks involve creating a series of smaller meteors
around him and bringing them toward you. They don't do much damage when you're rolling in between them. He will also spin around in a circle and leap at you saying "Stop
this!" He will also occasionally use the mega-fire spell and the constant
slashing attack followed by the heartless angel spell. However, this time he usually
does the constant slashing attack two times in a row, so make sure you cure in between.

When he summons the meteors, roll around in between them. Jump up to avoid some of the waves of the meteors landing. When he
makes them go in circles, I just rolled between them. After he detonates the meteors, just wait until he does heartless angel and you'll get an easy 4 hits.
This phase basically involves rushing in on him while he's doing heartless angel and slashing away, retreating, healing, and rolling when necessary. However, when he does the constant slashing attack, retreat and roll around again, and make sure to superglide to him to interrupt the heartless angel spell. This part is made even more difficult by the fact that your hits appear to do less damage to him. Just stick with it
though, and this phase won't be too diffucult. Just remember the golden rule:
HEAL AND ROLL!! He will eventually fall.

And before anyone asks, no, there is no long cutscene after the battle, which
surprised me.
Good luck.

--This guide only works for the first Kingdom Hearts; for the second Kingdom Hearts, an entirely different strategy is required.
--After defeating Sephiroth the first time, you can come back and defeat him as many times as you'd like.
--In the original Kingdom Hearts, there's no special prize for defeating Sephiroth; the One-Winged Angel Keyblade is only obtainable in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.