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How do you beat level 3 on causality 3

How do you beat level 3 on causality 3
Level 3 (Space) - There are 7 or more stick astronaut victims.
- As the shuttle prepares to dock, click near the rear and it rams the station. Click the white helmet so that astronaut leaves the module and eventually goes out to the crane arm to work on the shuttle. Click the straps on the unsuited astronaut, and click the crane arm so it bends.
- The red astronaut moves down into the damaged area as well. Click on the fire extinguisher to empty it.
- Click on the blue spots in the upper left module, which will spill and start a fire. The stick astronaut there will get the extinguisher, but eventually gets crisped.
- As the space-walking astronaut just below that room moves left, click the antenna, then his tether line, which catches on the antenna and breaks, sending him onto the crossbeam. Click so he grabs it, then repeatedly to make him let go of the beam, and he floats into the solar panel. It breaks and he is electrocuted, and the shuttle repairer as well. The red astronaut is vaporized in an explosion. The treadmill speeds up and kills the astronaut there.
- Click the shuttle to drive it into the left module, where the final victim is sucked into space.