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What is the best gaming console

What is the best gaming console
A PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and the Wii are the the current most popular gaming consoles.
PlayStation 3 is well known for quality, good graphics and content. This console also comes with a built in Blu-Ray DVD player. This is a console of choice for people wanting to buy a Blu-Ray DVD player as it is just about as expensive as a Blu-Ray DVD player and you can also play PlayStation 3 games on it.
The Xbox 360 has a larger variety of online games than other consoles. It is in the same league as the PlayStation 3 controller-wise and the games that are played on the systems. It is the console of choice when it comes down to playing online with friends.
The Wii made by Nintendo is a lot more interactive as the wireless Wii controller requires you to move the controller around in motions (E.g. hitting a tennis ball) to control a character in-game. This makes the game a lot more enjoyable for most users and is a great console that the whole family can enjoy.
In Conclusion:

The best gaming console is the console that suits you best. Whether it be playing online with friends, or using it to watch Blu-Ray DVD's.