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How do you copy a pop cap game

How do you copy a pop cap game
Well it's kind of a long process

1. Go to C:/Program Files/PopCap Games

2. Copy the folder of the game you want (to a jump drive)

3. Then go into the folder in your jump drive and open up the main executive

4. Then just before the game launches you should see a temporary file open in the folder (that's the license executive)

5. Then click the start button on your keyboard to minimize the game (do it right away while it's loading on the screen)

6. Here's when it gets tricky open task manager open processes tab and find the game in .exe format

7. End the process (the game should still be open)

8. Then go to the hidden file temporary open and rename it to something else (other than the game)

9. Then copy it in the folder again then right click and unhide it

10. Then close out the game minimized then the file should still be there

11. Delete the old executive and replace it with the copied hidden file

12. Then you just copied a pop cap game!

13. Remember that when you copy a game to another computer (after the copied license) to copy the whole game folder! (not just the executive)

To updated games that might not let you do this go to here for disk emulation of your pop cap game (or any other disk)

Lite Version is free but pro or more is requiring payment