Rise of the Tomb Raider Side Missions Guide

Rise of the Tomb Raider (1)  

If you find time from completing story missions, collecting treasure and raiding crypts, you can go ahead and complete side missions in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider Side Missions

You get tangible rewards in exchange for your troubles. Complete side missions to earn upgrades, get outfits and new items.

Soviet Installation Missions

Communications Breakdown
You will have to destroy communications equipment in the area. If you accept the mission, there location are going to be marked on your map.

Reach all of the locations and smash them to bits. The one in the center of the map will require you climb a little higher above the ground though. Rest are easy to reach.

Dangerous Territory
Accept the mission and visit the location marked on your map. It is a cave entrance, kill the wolves you find the area and return to get yourself a pistol upgrade as a reward for your hard work.

The quest-giver is one of Jacob’s men, you can find him wounded in the lumber mill.

Gulab Recon
The man who offered you the previous mission is waiting in the cave you cleared. Go see him and accept the next side mission. He will ask you to collect some items; enemy movement plans, guard schedule, and an archeological discovery evidence.

You will receive a rifle suppressor as reward. Go to the Gulab campsite to areas marked on your map.

The Unlucky One
Your objective is to save some prisoners. Travel southeast from the Logging Camp, move along the cliffs. Jump in the water and swim across to a pillar in the middle. Get to the top of it and jump onto the rocks across the river.

Use the axe to climb the cliff, climb a tree and then jump onto a ledge. There are two enemy soldiers here, so be careful. Kill them and climb into a window to reach the rear of the prison.

Break down a door in front and kill a guard nearby. Break into the cell at the end of this room and release the captives to complete the mission and earn an Infiltrator outfit.

Misguided Intelligence
You will get a Shotgun Spreader Choke as reward for this one. Use your Survival Instinct to complete this mission, find a carrier bird that flies around the lumber mill. Shoot it and return to the quest giver.

Geothermal Valley Missions

Defensive Strategy
You will need to speak with a man near the Valley Farmstead camp to start this mission. He needs Hardwood Branches and four Deer Hides.

Go to the hunting area in the center of the Farmstead, where you can collect these items if you don’t already have them. Return to the man and he will tell you to take item to a location in the south. You will earn an outfit as reward once you’re done.

Ancient Secrets
Speak with the herbalist to the southern section of the map. She wants knowledge from the tomb so basically you’re going to raid tombs in the area and in other regions.

You will get points for the ones you have already raided, but come back to her as soon as you’re done with all. In exchange, she offers Coins and an outfit.

Surveillance Disruption
Go west from the Ruin Encampment, deep into the valley to speak with a women. She wants you to take down drones in the area. Use your survival instinct to find and destroy these drones and come back for an Ancient Horn Bow.

A Hearty Meal
Speak with the same women again to trigger this side mission. She wants you to get some mushrooms and boar. Mushrooms can be picked up from caves in the valley, while found in the Ruin Encampment.

Return to the women once you have the items to get a Hunteress outfit as reward.