Just Cause 3 Unique Weapons Locations Guide

Just Cause 3 [3]  

There are several locations in Medici where you can find unique and exotic weapons.

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Just Cause 3 Unique Weapons Locations

Unique Weapons are very well hidden – mostly in police stations and military bases. This guide details all these unique weapons and how to acquire them:

How to: Capture Vigilator in Sud Sirocco – N-40: 38.428, E-5: 41.598
Not as powerful as other launchers in the game, UVK-13 can be used to easily destroy a single light-armored vehicle with a single hit.

Fire Leech
How to: Capture Cava Geminos Nord in Rocca Blauda – N-40: 48.026, E-5: 33.954
This thing can lock-in up to 8 targets at the same time and take them all out at once. However, do note that it has a lock-in time.

Capstone Hydra
How to: Capture Cava Grenade in Prsopere – N-40: 45.651, E-5: 40.622
Capstone Hydra shoots 5 rockets at the same time and can be used to deal with heavily-armored tanks and choppers effectively.

CS Negotiator
How to: Capture Le Gelera in Sud Sirocco – N-40: 36.937, E-5: 44.278
This thing has pretty strong damage output and can help you deal with infantry fairly well.

How to: Capture Espia Bassa in Petra – N-40: 42.031, E-5: 36.760
UPU-210 fires a volley of grenades which can easily eliminate groups of enemies lined up together.

USV-45 Sokol
How to: Capture Vigilator Nord in Plague – N-40: 42.477, E-5: 45.037
This thing packs a punch, but is only useful if you can handle its massive recoil. It is best used for engaging long ranged targets who have lots of HP.

CS-110 Archangel
How to: Capture Espia Alta in Capite Est. – N-40: 46.800, E-5: 33.312
This is an overall strong weapon and does not have uncontrollable recoil issues as found in USV-45.

Dionysus PLDS-H
How to: Completing Story Missions
This thing allows you to mark a site for your allies to come in and bomb the location – pretty helpful for Liberations.

The Thunderbird
How to: Completing Story Missions
This thing allows you to get rid of Bavarium shields and enemy vehicles by disabling them.

How to: Completing Story Missions
Lastly, M-488 can single-shot almost everything you fire it at including shielded tanks and helicopters.


  • CS-44 Peacebringer – Find 14 parts in Insula Dracon
  • U-24 Shotgun Bully – Find 18 parts in Insula Fonte
  • Urga STUPKA-210 – Find 23 Ancient Tombs in Insula Striate

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