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Realm of the Mad God Game Review & Walkthrough Guide

TIME :2022-07-03

Realm of the Mad God Game

Genre: Shooter, Multiplayer

Game Review
Realm of the Mad God (RotMG) is free-to-play browser cooperative MMO shooter. I have been playing Realm of the Mad God for only a few weeks now but I think I have seen enough of the game to give you people a valid opinion. Players must train and fight for their life when the Mad God Oryx transports them deep into his sinister realm. It’s simplistic and yet silly, but also one of the most distinctive multiplayer experiences around especially when it's a browser based flash game.

Don't get tricked by the retro, pixelated graphics. Movement is achieved through a WASD scheme, and your character faces and attacks the direction of your mouse cursor whenever you click from a bird's eye view. It's purely a retro/arcade style shooter where you play with loads of other people in huge worlds to try and work towards an end goal. It's a game that can be played in 30-minute bursts or sessions that stretch long into the night. Man, I didn't know I fell for the trap! I just couldn't help it. The game does a great job of being truly free to play.

The primary objective for this is to go solo or participate in fast paced combat against hordes of hungry monsters and hit a level cap of 20. However, leveling to 20 is only the start of the game. You are going to try to shoot your way through challenging quests and dungeons. Unlock all 13 different classes and try to become part of the legend in this fun isometric fantasy. And one last thing, after you die your character will be deleted forever. There’s no resurrecting a dead character and you don’t get to keep your stuff. Death is permanent.

Realm of the Mad God is a rich and ever changing world with endless possibilities. If you are an adventurous person, you will enjoy the challenge of survival while trying to hunt down the biggest monsters to find the best gear, and eventually top the leader boards. Realm of the Mad God is certainly a game worth taking the time to experience.

Realm of the Mad God Guide
Getting Started
Now that you've been through the tutorial, you're ready to set out into the Realm of the Mad God. Band together with other adventurers and patrol the realm, slaying beasts and looting equipment along the way. Once you enter a Realm Portal, combat begins. You find yourself at a beach, where the weaker of monsters are located. As you venture further inland, the landscape changes from beach to forest to ruins to castle, you will find them populated by various Demons, Beholders, and Medusas. At this point in time, do everything you can to avoid dying before hitting level 20 with a new class; this unlocks other stuff and classes. Finally, when you finish unlocking all of the classes, you should have 13 different options which are all different from each other. There are healers, tanks, and damage dealers both melee and ranged. They all have their own benefits and drawbacks. Pick the one that you mostly comfortable with. For me, I would choose Huntress or Rouge.

List of Classes in Realm of the Mad God
Choosing your character class. Realm of the Mad God has 13 different classes. Only the Wizard is by default available but you can unlock more classes later. The classes are as follows:

Rouge – Uses speed to deliver heavy damage at medium range while avoiding attacks. They are equipped with the steel dagger and the Cloak of Shadows.
Archer – Notorious for their long range attacks. Archers are armed with short bows and the Magic Quiver.
Wizard – Masters of magic these warlocks zap enemies from far distances using energy staffs and powerful spells.
Priest – Are able to take out opponents at long range using their magical fire wand. Priests possess the ability to heal themselves and fellow allies.
Warrior – Warriors deal the most amount of damage to foes. They have an arsenal of swords and defensive armour.
Knight – Is the second most powerful class next to Warriors. Knights have the highest defense of any other character.
Paladin – Perfected the art of close range combat. Similar to Priests they also have the ability to heal.
Assassin – Equipped with Centipede Poison to damage enemies over time. Assassins perform best when taking out opponents within medium distances.
Necromancer – Has the ability to drain life from adversaries in order to heal or save others.
Huntress – Lays various traps and shoots arrows to defeat opposing threats.
Mystic – Fights with energy staff and uses a magical crystal ball to confine enemies to a distant plane.
Trickster - The trickster fights with a dagger while using her magical prism to distract enemies.
Sorcerer - The sorcerer can attack from the longest range with a wand, and he uses his scepter to fire blasts of chain lightning at his enemies.
Ninja - The ninja relies on speed and skill, using katanas and ninja stars to deal big damage.

Unlock Classes
How to change class in Realm of the Mad God? Well, you can only change class after being killed by a monster or you delete your own character.

Level 5 required for these:
Priest - Wizard
Archer - Priest
Rogue - Archer
Warrior - Rogue

Level 20 required for these:
Knight - Warrior
Paladin - Priest and Knight
Assassin - Rogue and Wizard
Necromancer - Priest and Wizard
Huntress - Rogue and Archer
Mystic - Huntress and Necromancer
Trickster - Assassin and Paladin
Sorcerer - Necromancer and Assassin
Ninja - Rogue and Warrior

Realm of the Mad God Classes

Stats in Realm of the Mad God
It will help you in building your character through equipment. The stat is as follows:
ATT (Attack) - Increases the amount of damage done by weapons. Attack does not affect ability damage.
DEF (Defense) - Decreases the amount of damage taken.
SPD (Speed) - Increases the speed at which the character moves.
DEX (Dexterity) - Increases the speed at which the character attacks.
VIT (Vitality) - Increases the speed at which hit points are recovered
WIS (Wisdom) - Increases the speed at which magic points are recovered.

Train and Teleport
Train is a bunch of players following the road nonstop and killing all monsters in their way. You can hit level 20 in about 30 minutes using a train or in only a few hours the legit way by doing quests. So once you get a feel for the game, simply just left click on them and select teleport. Always teleport to the largest clump of players on your mini map. They are most likely fighting very hard enemies, so just hang back and let them slay the gods, earning you tons of experience super quickly. Besides, it can be useful when you're about to die and need a quick way to escape. However it can be dangerous because you have no idea where you'll end up. Always be careful and have some health potions with you. Pro Tip All keys are configurable, including hotkeys for potions.

Avoid Perma-death
After hitting level 20... If you become overwhelmed in battle, use the "panic" button. Pressing F5 will instantly teleport you back to the Nexus. Or, you can also click the white arch under the mini map to instantly return to the safety of the main lobby. Another option is simply quitting out of your browser. This is ways you can cheat death. Don't hesitate, its legit. It is definitely better for you to survive then to rebuild your character from scratch.

Game Objectives
Collect the Best Equipment
As you level up, you'll find plenty of equipment that your class may or may not be able to equip. The maximum level is 20, but equipment is not limited based on player level. There is a ton of different items and loot in Realm of the Mad God. In addition to rings, potions and keys; there are class specific items that include swords, staffs, robes, and much more. These items are most often dropped by enemies as loot. The harder the enemy, the more powerful the loot will be.

Slaying the Mad God Oryx
The main goal of Realm of the Mad God is to defeat the mad god himself. Every time 25,000 monsters have been defeated and all the quests have been completed (red dots on the mini-map), everyone will be transported to the lair of the Mad God Oryx. Now, you just gonna band together with other players to defeat the Mad God Oryx. At the end, he generally leaves behind some nice loot for his vanquishers.

Farm the Gods And Gain the Most Experience/Fame
In addition to dropping good equipment, the gods also drop potions that can permanently increase your stats. Many players have taken to farming the gods for these potions, hoarding collections numbering in the hundreds! Then, fame is earned by your character's triumphs and exploits, and is rewarded to you upon death of the character. Accumulate enough, your character might get onto the leaderboards when it dies. Fame can be used to buy certain items in-game, and also a requirement for completing Class Quests.

Levels 1-5
Now, go kill some beginning monsters. Remember to start saving health potions in your inventory in case of a emergency. I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of health potions. Once you get to at least level 3, go inland a bit and see if you can find some good quest monsters like a Bandit Leader or Giant crab or so. Even with starter equipment, you will beat them. You may get some gear that is not high-tier, but can do for now. You can move into the nearby forest and beat the slightly more difficult enemies like Hobbit Mages, Undead Hobbit Mages, Elf Mage, Sandsman King.

Levels 6-10
You probably now have a full set of items, good or not. So progress farther into the forest, towards the middle. You will encounter more difficult enemies like the Coil Snake, the Horned Drake, Wasp Queen, and the Ent God. You will get better loot from them also. But be careful, you can easily die. Watch out for mobs, you may get into trouble. If not, stick together and try to find some legit monsters that give at least 40+ exp. Repeat this pattern to level in a matter of a few minutes.

Levels 11-15
Once up to 11, you can go anyway but god-lands. You can try to kill some lesser gods to get up to a whopping 50 exp. I suggest some dungeons, like spider den or you can progress and fight the mentioned Ogres and Night Elfs. They will still be quite difficult but you can now manage. You will now find Ghost Kings, Liches, and Cyclops God.Fight these for EXP, all you really need to do here.

Levels 16-20
Now guys, you are now good enough hopefully to dare yourself to going into the dreaded god-lands. Once there, I strongly recommend going to a Group of people with around 5+ people. You can fire along with them and sadly only get 50% you would get alone, but imprint into your mind; Life over loots! It is extremely not worth it to get something that would get you into a situation that could kill you instantly. Even if you got a stat pot drop. It is not worth to die and lose all of your hard work and time! I mean, another loot might drop safely in a minute or two! Don't risk.