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Mutant Alien Assault Game Review

TIME :2022-07-03

Mutant Alien Assault

Genre: Shooter, Platform

Game Review
Well, I suppose space is a dangerous place and extraterrestrial aliens are attacking the ship. Gather at least ten fuel rods in the reactor core so the ship can perform a hyper jump and escape to survive. Beware that radiation in the reactor room will mutate the aliens in time. Any aliens still on board after the jump will become faster and more powerful. Solution? Destroy them!

I believe this flash game cited its initial inspiration from Super Crate Box. I could spot several similarities in both games. Still, Mutant Alien Assault is a frantic, platform shooter arena. It's filled with guns, aliens and one that must be emphasized, Dubstep! I was shocked and questioned myself why does Dubstep and flash game mixed so well together? I just simply love it. Overall, the gameplay is quite hard, and you die a lot. Even the instructions warn me that too, "If you don’t enjoy a challenge and are reasonably skilled please play something else." ^^

At each level and map, you are required to fend off an endless stream of aliens using randomly dispensed weaponry while attempting to refuel your ship’s reactor core. The reactor's bar filling up and the need to deliver the reactive bars towards it gave the game a steady sense of accomplishment. Each level has enough random elements to have good replay value especially, the random weaponry system frequently presents you with a dilemma: stick with your awesome gun or risk picking up a trashy weapon.

Mutant Alien Assault gameplay will start to smooth out sooner than you expected and you feel like you’re in The Matrix after the second rod. Finally, I'm certain that Mutant Alien Assault is one of the most interesting games out in a while and the kind of game that making it a perfect choice for gamers.