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Dont Escape 3 Walkthrough Guide

TIME :2022-07-03

Don't Escape 3

Genre: Puzzle, Adventure

Don't Escape 3 Guide
Don't Escape 3 Walkthrough
The Airlock
1. Click the console on the right side of the airlock.
2. Click Restore Safety Protocol, then click Abort Ejection.
3. Click Open Interior.
4. Exit the airlock.

1. Pick up PADD and check Status, then close it.
2. Proceed right two times and collect the plasma torch torch.

The Bridge
1. Proceed right again to enter the bridge.
2. Pick up fuse on the lower right of the bridge screen.
3. Click the left most console to receive a message, then the console in the middle of the room.
4. Click Access Mission orders. Turn off the PADD, and exit the bridge.

Corridor Revisit #1
1. Continue left until you reach the lab door.
2. Open the fusebox and use the fuse on it.

The Lab
1. Enter the lab.
2. Collect Antibiotics from the first aid kit, the flask on the work bench, and the log under the table.
3. Analyze the Antibiotic, then leave the lab.

The Quarters/Mess Hall
1. Proceed right to the door labelled Quarters and enter.
2. Remove the knife from the corpse, use the flask on the blood near it.
3. Access the food dispenser, take the alcohol and head right.
4. Collect the Workshop Blueprints, Torch Fuel, and some leaves from the hydroponic garden.

1. Before leaving, enter the door to the left.
2. Open the cabinet and take the detergent.
3. Exit the bathroom, and head right.

Corridor Revisit #2
1. Move right to the bridge door and use the Knife on the grate.
2. Collect the key.

The Lab Revisit #1
1. Move left to the lab and enter it.
2. Use the key on the locker, then collect the protective glasses and the acid.
3. Analyze Blood, leaves, detergent, acid, and alcohol.
4. Use Blood, Leaves, and antibiotic on the centrifuge, then begin mixing.
5. Use the flask on the centrifuge to collect the result.

1. Leave the lab, and click on the door to engineering.
2. Click the small yellow square in the center of the door.
3. Use the protective glasses on yourself, and combine the plasma torch with it's fuel.
4. Click the torch, and trace the yellow line until the panel comes free, then pull the switch.
5. Enter the door, collect the keycard.

The Airlock Revisited
1. Return to the airlock.
2. Use the keycard on the space suit case, and use it on yourself.
3. Click the panel on the right of the airlock, then Close interior door, decompression, open exterior.
4. Close the interface, then click the now open door.
5. Click the panel with the yellow triangle on it, and then click the rope underneath it. Then click the debris field.
6. Click the middle piece of debris to uncover a crystal, collect it!
7. Return to the airlock and cycle the airlock, by clicking the panel, then close exterior door, then restore pressure, then open interior door.

Escape Pod
1. Move right to the escape pod door, use the keycard on it panel near it, and enter the escape pod.
2. Collect the toolbox, then return to engineering.

Engineering Revisit #1
1. Use the toolbox and repair the damaged fan circuit.
2. Head left, then enter the life support room.

Life Support Room
1. Use the blueprint disk on the workshop, then the chemical mixture on the fire circuit access point.
2. Click on the life support control console.
3. Click Activate auxiliary life support and extend life support by 3 hours.
4. Click on Fire Sprinkler maintenance, then click on Isolation Ward.
5. Click the workshop and make a Portable Igniter, and a Datapad Mark II Processor.
6. Combine the processor with your PADD when it is complete.

Engineering Revisit #2
1. Exit back to the hallway with the dead crewman.
2. Use your newly upgraded PADD to check the security feed.
3. Click the right panel twice, and the circular panel twice and obtain the first digit of the passcode. (Note - this code appears to change game to game).

The Lab Revisit #2
1. Proceed to the lab.
2. Grab another bottle of antibiotics from the first aid kit.

Isolation Ward
1. Enter the isolation ward, collect the explosives from the locker, the log on the floor.
2. Obtain the second digit of the code by watching the Dr's fate on security.
3. Click the Doctor, then the killer.

Corridor Revisit #3
1. Return to the downed welder outside quarters.
2. Watch his fate on security to pick up digit number 3.
3. Click on the second tank, then the welder.

The Quarters/Mess Hall Revisited
1. Enter quarters, then complete the code by watching the security one last time.
2. Click the man to proceed.
3. Proceed right, get some more leaves.
4. Click on the panel beside the door, and key in your code.

The Bedroom
1. Enter the bunk room, click the suit twice.
2. Click the locker and then pick up the captain's key card.

The Bridge Revisited
1. Head up to the bridge.
2. Use the center console to Deactivate safety protocols and pick up the last log.

The Lab Revisit #3
1. Head left, and return to the lab.
2. Combine Antibiotics, Leaves, and Alcohol.
3. Collect the mixture using a flask and pour it on the explosives, then combine it with the igniter.

Engineering Revisit #4
1. Return to the ship's power code by engineering, and attach the bomb to it.
2. Detonate with your PADD.

Don't Escape 3