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ClickPLAY Rainbow Walkthrough Guide

TIME :2022-07-03

ClickPLAY Rainbow

Genre: Action, Puzzle

ClickPLAY Rainbow Guide
Solutions to ClickPLAY Rainbow
Level 1 - Last Sip
- Grab the mug by the handle and turn it upside down.
- Click on the play button.

Level 2 - Brain Surgery
- Click the stitches along Frankie's forehead.
- Lift the top of his head off.
- Click on the play button.

Level 3 - Achoo
- Click and hold the mouse button down over the mountain's nose and move your mouse slowly up and down.
- As the nose rises, stay on the nose and keep moving your mouse until the top blows off.
- Click on the play button.

Level 4 - Monster Munch
- Click a monster and raise it up off the other monster.
- Keep doing this until you reveal the play button.
- Click on the play button.

Level 5 - Paper Pirates
- Click the white triangle in the background and flip it over.
- Drag and drop the pirates into the boat.
- Click on the play button.

Level 6 - Bat n Ball
- Click the red X box.
- When the ball is just a little more than halfway down, click the circle with the arrow to swing the bat.
- Once landed you have to get the ball into the container to the left.
- Then click on the play button.

Level 7 - Pokey Pokey
- Click on the roof and drag it into the hole in the tower so that one of the bottom points and a little bit of the rectangular bottom go in.
- You'll know you have it right when you push the play button out then, click on the play button.

Level 8 - Robot Dinner
- Parts of the code are hidden in various places on and around the robot. You'll find:
- 1W along the bottom front of the robot
- 2B found by clicking the robot's right foot (the one to the player's left)
- 3W in its mouth found by clicking anywhere on the robots head
- 4B found by clicking the crack in the wall enough times to break the wall
- The code is: 1W 2B 3W 4B = White, Black, White, Black.
- When you have it entered the correct code, click the robot's left arm, then raise the lid off the tray in his right hand.
- Proceed and click the play button.

Level 9 - Daredevil
- Keep clicking the truck to make it accelerate.
- Make it go fast enough to jump the gap.
- Done, click on the play button!

Level 10 - Fantastic
- Click a piece to move it.
- Keep clicking it until it is to the left of the piece before it.
- Then, click the top wedge to move out another piece and repeat the process.
- Continue moving the pieces around to complete the full circle and a complete play button.
- Click the play button.

Level 11 - Eliminator
- Each circle has a symbol on it.
- Move each ball to the ball with the opposite symbol.
- For example, the circle with the checkmark clears the circle with the X.
- Clear all the balls to beat the level.

Level 12 - Balooney
- Make each balloon match the shape of the person carrying it.
- From left to right: triangle, square, circle, rectangle.
- Click the play button.

Level 13 - Wet 'Em 2 Get 'Em
- Drag and drop each ball into the water to reveal the play button.
- The farthest ball on the right is the play button.

Level 14 - Safe Landing
- There's a few ways to do this one.
- All that has to happen to reveal the play button is the black circle has to touch the box that says GOAL.
- The easiest way is to remove the red blocks from the top down.
- Click the play button.

Level 15 - Ball n Chain
- Swing the ball around and destroy the bricks at the top of the screen to cause the play button to drop.
- The button is in the middle, above the word "Ball" in the level name.
- Click the play button.

Level 16 - Pipes n Us
- Keep dropping balls into the pipe until the play button gets pushed out the other end.
- Go ahead and click the play button.

Level 17 - Captain Hook
- Take the hook to the top left corner and raise it up above the word "clicks". Your hook should snag another hook. Drag it down and let it drop. When you successfully pull down the play button, click it.

Level 18 - Collectomatic
- Click and drag to rotate the blue box and guide the ball around the maze to collect all the yellow dots.
- The play button will fall and click it.

Level 19 - Hardly Wordly
- There are dials hidden behind each picture; enter the correct combinations according to the clues given by each portrait to unlock the play button.
- Norton Everett (NE) = North East. Click the dial 1 time.
- Samuel Warrant (SW) = South West. Click the dial 5 times.
- Nelson Winkle (NW) = North West. Click the dial 7 times.
- Stefan Edmund (SE) = South East. Click the dial 3 times.
- Once you clicked correctly, the play button will appear.

Level 20 - Ding Dong
- Press the red button when the mallet is as close to the center as possible.
- Do this until the mallet hits the bell and turns into a play button.

Level 21 - Fliporama
- The four squares in the dead center of the level can be rotated to form a play button.
- As always, the play button points to the right.

Level 22 - Spot On
- To the right and left at the top of the screen you can find hints. P=16, L=12.
- Spell out the word PLAY using the number code.
- The code is 1612125.
- Click the play button.

Level 23 - Ball Sorter
- The fractions at the bottom refer to the ratio of antennae and eyes.
- 1/1, means one antenna and one eye, 2/2 means two antennas and two eyes
- Get each creature into its proper spot, by clicking the barriers to remove them.
- Clicking them again restores the barrier.

Level 24 - Canon Balls
- Shoot a cannonball at the black X circle to turn them into check marks, but hitting them again will turn them back into Xs.
- Turn them all into checkmarks and click the play button.
- Congratulations, you've won! :)