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ClickPLAY Rainbow 2 Walkthrough Guide

TIME :2022-07-03

ClickPLAY Rainbow 2

Genre: Action, Puzzle

ClickPLAY Rainbow 2 Guide
Solutions to ClickPLAY Rainbow 2
Level 1 - Fluffies Furball
- Pet the cat to make it meow.
- Pet it two more times to make it spit up the Play button.

Level 2 - Weee!
- Click and drag away the roll of toilet paper to find the Play button.

Level 3 - Patchy Pirate
- Click and drag the booger from the pirate's nostril onto his eyepatch.
- Click the eyepatch to flip it up onto the bandana.
- Click the closed eye four times to find the Play button.

Level 4 - Windey Windey
- Click and drag the four levers clockwise or counterclockwise to move the slides up and down.
- Arrange the slides to complete the Play button.

Level 5 - Sushi Shuffle
- Click every slice of sushi on all of the stacks to throw them into the air.
- The Play button will appear on the last piece of sushi that you click, so save the single piece of sushi for last to make it the easiest to click.

Level 6 - Ready for Action
- Arm the pirate and the ninja with the proper weapons and accessories.
- Use the items from left to right in the following order:
- Put the hook on the pirate's hand.
- Place the katana behind the ninja's back.
- Put the alcohol in the pirate's empty hand.
- Put the throwing star in the ninja's hand.
- Place the saber behind the pirate's back.
- Put the nunchucks in the ninja's empty hand.
- Click the Play button to continue to the next level.

Level 7 - Sweet Dreams
- Click the triangular rays around the sun to make them disappear.
- Click the sun to change the scene from day to night.
- Click the bird to put it to sleep.
- The Play button will appear in the thought bubble above the bird's head.

Level 8 - Spinning Wheel
- Click the top rocket at the 12 o' clock position on the wheel.
- Keep the cursor at the top of wheel, then wait for the other rockets to spin under your mouse.
- Click all of the rockets to light them as they pass by your cursor.
- When all of the lit rockets are spinning, the Play button will appear in the center of the wheel.

Level 9 - Painting Pipes
- Click and drag the yellow ball into the left pipe with the black circle.
- Next, drop it into the right pipe with the white circle.
- Lastly, drop the ball into the middle pipe with the black triangle to complete the Play button.

Level 10 - Slice it up
- Click and drag the knife in a side-to-side motion to cut down through the apple.
- Drag away the apple slice to reveal the Play button inside.

Level 11 - Windy Day
- Click to remove the four clouds floating through the sky to stop the wind.
- Click both lenses of the man's glasses to remove his hands from his hat.
- Lift the hat to find the Play button.

Level 12 - Switcheroo
- Arrange the gophers to complete the image of the Play button.
- Click a gopher to select it, then click a different gopher to swap their positions.
- Switch the gophers in the following order:
- Switch the middle gopher in the top row with the middle gopher in the bottom row.
- Switch the left gopher in the middle row with the right gopher in the middle row.
- Switch the gopher in the upper left corner with the gopher in the lower right corner.
- Switch the gopher in the lower left corner with the gopher in the upper right corner to complete the Play button.

Level 13 - Arrow Copter
- Click and hold the left mouse button to move the helicopter in the direction indicated by the arrow.
- When you release the mouse, the arrow will point to the next direction in the order of Right - Down - Left - Up.
- Use the helicopter to push all of the crates off the platforms.
- You'll find the Play button where the last crate smashes on the ground.

Level 14 - Rock & Roll
- Quickly click the upper right rock multiple times to roll it off the stack and over the right edge.
- Do the same thing with the rest of the rocks starting with the upper left, and then the lower right, middle, and finally the left rock.
- Click the play button that appears between the two left mountains.

Level 15 - Every Which Way
- Click and drag the grey screens in the direction indicated by the arrow in the center of the screen.
- Drag the first screen to the left side.
- Drag the second screen to the top.
- Drag the third screen to the right.
- Drag the fourth screen to the bottom.
- Press the large button in the center of the panel to turn off the lights.
- Drag the each of the screens back over the buttons to find the color of their arrows, then return them to the sides.
- The order of these colors is randomized each game.
- Change the color of the left, up, right, and down buttons to match the color of their corresponding arrow screens to reveal the Play button.

Level 16 - Paper Pushing
- Click and drag the three sections of the paper (beige on top, brown in the middle, grey on bottom) to align the square cutouts over the top right corner, where you'll find the Play button.

Level 17 - Tunnel Ride
- Quickly click the train multiple times to send it speeding down the track.
- If it has enough momentum, it will pass through the tunnel and come out with the Play button.

Level 18 - See no Evil...
- Click the parts of the monkey to match the proverb: "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.
- Close both eyes of the left monkey.
- Plug both ears of the middle monkey.
- Close the right monkey's mouth to reveal the Play button.

Level 19 - Tricky Timing
- Wait for the platforms to fade, then click the monster to jump up before they disappear completely to land on the next platform.
- Continue timing your jumps in the same way to hop all the way to the Play button at the top.

Level 20 - What a Hoot
- Watch the owls at the start and note in which order they close their eyes.
- Click the owls in the same order to reopen their eyes.
- If you fail to guess the correct order after, it will reset to a new random order.

Level 21 - Spare Change
- Click anywhere to make the little figure jump as he moves from side to side.
- Collect all of the coins to reveal the Play button.

Level 22 - Moon Bumping
- Quickly click the rocket multiple times to launch it into the moon.
- Keep crashing it against the moon until the window breaks to find the Play button.

Level 23 - Searchlight
- Move the cursor over the circle of light, then follow it as it moves without leaving the circle to find the Play button.

Level 24 - Look Closer
- Click the magnifying glass, then move it over the buildings to find the 13 little aliens.
- Click each alien you discover to remove it from the counter.
- Although most can be easily spotted, there are a few aliens that are tricky to find, they are:
- The alien in the left window of the farthest left building in the background.
- The alien at the corner of the background building, directly above the right window in the bridge.
- The large alien picture in the countdown text at the bottom of the window.
- After all 13 aliens are found, click the play button in the center of the magnifying glass.