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Lost Robot Game Review & Walkthrough Guide

TIME :2022-07-03

Lost Robot

Genre: Puzzle

Game Review
In my opinion, no robot should ever be lost. They are equipped with the latest technology like the GPS and has a great connection over the Internet, right? Lost Robot is a point-and-click puzzler brought to us by EarlGreat about a robot powered down after a routine check-up a month ago. He is now on a quest to find out what is going on back then... Basically your aim is to get the robot out of the laboratory.

I must say this is actually one of the easiest flash game, on the other hand it entertains for a short while. The puzzles didn't have the arbitrary solutions some small  Point-and-Click games rely on, which is definitely wonderful! The presentation was acceptable, not forgetting that there is some voice-acting in the flash game. There is one thing I find it very disturbing; Uniquely Salad and Salad Dressing don't mix because when I tried, it replied 'I don't think these two things would work well together'. Unquestionable Robot logic. :)

Lost Robot Guide
Solution to Lost Robot
1. In the lab, grab the lightbulb and the iron fillings.
2. Exit the lab to get to the corridor.
3. In the corridor, get the broken saw.
4. Enter the cafe
5. In the cafe, get the glass of water.
6. Enter the kitchen.
7. In the kitchen, put the iron fillings in the Nachomatic 3000.
8. In the kitchen, use the glass of water on the Nachomatic 3000.
9. Grab the slice of lemon and the metallic nachos.
10. Use the slice of lemon with the lightbulb to make a torch.
11. Use the metallic nachos with the broken saw to make a saw.
12. Exit the kitchen into the cafe.
13. In the cafe, use the saw on the table in order to get the tabletop.
14. Exit the cafe to get to the corridor.
15. Exit the corridor into the supply closet.
16. In the supply closet, use the torch on the darkness to light the room up.
17. In the supply closet, get the rusty cog.
18. Exit the supply closet to the corridor.
19. Use the rusty cog on the hole for a cog in the corridor.
20. Exit the corridor to the lab.
21. Use the tabletop on the shrinking ray to get a TINY TABLETOP.
22. Exit the lab into the corridor.
23. Exit the corridor into the cafe.
24. Use the tiny tabletop as a coin in the vending machine.
25. Get the salad dressing.
26. Exit the cafe into the corridor.
27. Use the salad dressing on the rusty cog in order to grease it.
28. The end.