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40xEscape Game Review & Walkthrough Guide

TIME :2022-07-03


Genre: Puzzle

Game Review
Game idea is simple you are firmly locked in a room and you've to escape. This is a flash game where you have to escape the room not twice but forty times! This flash game literally lives up to its name... Forty locked doors and forty tests of your problem solving skills. While we've seen Doooors and 100 Floors before, the environments in the rooms of those games could change almost dramatically. This game sticks to the same few ingredients then do everything possible to mix those little things up each round.

This game is very nicely done. Personally, I enjoy the challenge of a puzzle game. I particularly liked that each puzzle is short and to the point. Most puzzles were not too hard, only one that I needed help for; was stuck on level 35, definitely made no sense then looked up the answer. *smacks self in face* Obviously, the developer is quite clever in making puzzle games; he made it fun and interesting with the puzzles he could create with just "escape" and a few buttons. I can see the amount of effort that was put into it.

40xEscape has delivered in a very clean and nice presentation, with the little bird flying around. Aren’t the prettiest but it kind of grows in you, when you play it. Sometimes it can even make you become ”maniac” because you just can’t figure out the right combination, but you can’t quit because it gives you a good feeling when you finally figure the floor out. Took me a while, and I realized I was playing as a bird and I'm surprised none of the levels requires me to hit the esc button. Kinda disappointed.

40xEscape Guide
Solution to 40xEscape
- Press the button next to the door 6 times.

- Press all the ESCAPE letters above the door.

- Press the buttons in numeric order 123456.

- Press the first button to select the next letter and the second button to lock that letter so it stays green.

- Press the buttons to spell the word five.

- Wait for the green bulb to light up, to press all the ESCAPE letters.

- Change all the ESCAPE letters to the green color.

- Rotate the paper pieces to form the number 8.

- Don't move with the cursor at all.

- Press the letters to spell the word PEACE.

- Press the buttons to spell the word eleven.

- Click a letter and the button to lock it for each letter.

- Enter the number of corners for each shape: 453.

- Click the door 3 times.

- Each letter will also light its neighbours, so click S and P.

- Each number refers to a letter of the alphabet, so spell the word ESCAPE.

- Change all the ESCAPE letters to the common yellow color.

- Press and hold the button.

- Press each of the first six buttons to select a letter and the last button to lock it each time.

- Spell the word TWENTY.

- Keep the cursor moving.

- Light the segments of the LED display to form 22.

- Each letter will also light its neighbours but not itself, so click left E, S, P, right E.

- Each letter refers to a cardinal direction North West East South, so press n e w n e w s.

- The letters are scrambled and form the numbers 195.

- Press the letters to spell the words SEE PAC.

- Click the fourth button four times.

- Click and hold the button to light bulb after you release the button, then click the letters while the bulb is green.

- Enter the total number of levels: 040.

- Press the left button x times to select letter x, click the right button each time to lock the letter.

- Same as level 24 but upside down, so press w e s e e.

- The letters are scrambled and form the numbers 427.

- Each letter will light its neighbours+1 but not itself, so click C and A.

- Click the first button to light the first letter, then move it to the right with the last button and repeat.

- Press the buttons to spell the first letter of the words one, two, three, ..., ten, so press ottffssent.

- 36xEscape
Click the door 4 times, but click higher each time.

- Click the first letter once, the second letter twice, etc.

- Light the segments of the LED display to form the word ESCAPE.

- Press the middle button to light A, then move it to right and left with the other buttons and repeat until all are lit.

- Press the buttons to spell 40xescape.