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Which? Game Review & Walkthrough Guide

TIME :2022-07-03


Genre: Puzzle

Game Review
I think I have fallen in love with procrastination. Quite often when I procrastinate, I'll find myself doing things I really enjoy; I should be studying for my exams but hey, I chose to write a review on this game called Which? by Yoshio Ishii. Give this game a try, I bet you will be spending a quality five minutes of fun in this flash game.

Which? is a short and simple puzzle flash game. You are given a question and two circles in front of you; Circle A and Circle B. You have to choose between two to answer the question. Those questions are pretty straightforward and direct. For an example, one of them is asking you to choose between which is soft or hard. Players will have to point and click to the circle to tell the difference in all twenty levels. That's all about it! There aren't any trap questions or misleading answers yet, one can be fooled by the simplicity of the game. A reminder, each game is randomized so can't expect the same answers for each game.

Simple logic and minimal experimentation are all you need for the game. It's a piece of cake but, an enjoyable little game. I would purpose the game to be longer and have more variations! I managed to get 18/20 on my first try. WEEEEE! ^^

Which? Guide
Solution to Which?
1) Which Soft? - Pick up and drop both circles. One will smoosh/ flatten as it lands.
2) Which Switch? - Click on both circles. The one that turns off the light is the correct one.
3) Which Heavier? - Drop both circles. Each will shake the screen, but one will shake it more than the other.
4) Which Painted? - Drag the cursor in each circle. One will leave a streak of paint.
5) Which Cleanness? - Pick up each circle. One will be colored, the other will be clear. Pick the clear ball.
6) Which Soft (2)? - Click each circle. One will look like you're pushing into it. That is the correct ball.
7) Which Rough? - Click and drag your cursor over each circle. One will drag slower than the other.
8) Which Thin? - Click on either the left or right side of the circles to see how thick each one is.
9) Which Lucky? - Click and drag over each circle to clear away the color. Choose the circle with the star.
10) Which Light? - Click and drag the roof/area above the circle upwards. The lighter circle rises faster.
11) Which Cutting? - Click and drag the right area of each circle. One should have a removable section.
12) Which Ice? - Click and drag each circle. Then let go. One will keep sliding after you let go.
13) Which Rotation? - Click and hold each circle. One will move the cursor around.
14) Which Ball? - Click and drag your cursor on each circle. The view of your cursor should move like its moving around a ball for the correct one.
15) Which Sticky? - Try to click and drag your cursor on each ball. One shouldn't move your cursor when you do this.
16) Which Heavier (2)? - Click and drag each circle upwards. One should stay in place when holding it, the other should slide out of the cursor.
17) Which Luck (2)? - Click and drag any edge of the circle over itself. It should peel away and one should have a star under it.
18) Which Old? - Pick up each circle. The one that's brighter is the older one.
19) Which Bigger? - Click each circle to make them smaller. Keep clicking them until they resize themselves. One will resize much bigger than the other.
20) Which Living? - Click and hold one each circle. The mouse will pulse to the heartbeat of the live one.