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simian.interface Game Review

TIME :2022-07-03


Genre: Puzzle

Game Review
What is a simian? Simians are a classification of primates, which includes monkeys, apes, and humans. In other words, we are all simian but how do we prove it? Here is a test and we must complete some spatial reasoning puzzles to prove ourselves. Get ready and initialize puzzle simian.interface!

Vested Interest's simian.interface is a little strange puzzle flash game and hard to describe at first. As a monkey undergoing testing, your job is to move the mouse to align shapes and complete patterns. It started off simply filling one square with another, but as the levels progress difficulty ramps up quickly. You'll have to rely more and more by figuring out what you need to do as different colors and patterns come into play. I think all the puzzles are solvable and not overly taxing, however I've a feeling some may find this a little frustrating. Sort of mildly confused as to what's going on, but still intent on completing it.

It's almost a game created exclusively for me. Kept me entertained for a few minutes and amazed. Certainly not the hardest game I've played, but it made my brain work in a very different way. That's for sure! The subtle touches of minimalist colors, shapes, designs, and the cats, made this a memorable experience.