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Icarus Needs Game Review

TIME :2022-07-03

Icarus Needs

Genre: Puzzle, Story

Game Review
Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, the creator of A Duck Has An Adventure is back with his second interactive story adventure called Icarus Needs, in which you play as Icarus. Icarus has fallen asleep after playing videogames and become trapped inside a surreal dream world that’s part video-game and part comic strip. What’s worse, somehow his girlfriend Kit has got trapped inside the same dream.

Now Icarus needs to locate Kit, escape the clutches of the King of Squirrels and find some way back to the waking world. Gameplay is very minimal. Using the arrow keys to navigate through each little panel of the comic-strip to solve simple puzzles... In fact, Icarus Needs is very similar to his last game, however now in a more puzzle adventure style. Honestly, I find Icarus Needs really cool and fun. The comic frame style was rather a rather creative approach to a game. Very different from what I usually play!

Sadly, the lack of branching and single ending make it feel rather short, as compared to A Duck Has An Adventure with 16 different endings. With multiple path possibilities that create different endings depending on your choices. This would give a good amount of replay value that's missing here. I'm asking for too much! ^^