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An Epic Minimalistic Adventure Game Review

TIME :2022-07-03

An Epic Minimalistic Adventure

Genre: Puzzle

Game Review
Great, original, weird, and quirky... This are some of the words how I'm going to describe on this flash game called, An Epic Minimalistic Adventure. It is a very well done 5 minute game; Simple and first of its kind which I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.

According to the description, the game is made entirely using the GUI components of a UI library called MinimalComps. Basically, it is a set of ActionScript 3.0 User Interface Components for Flash. I am neither a programmer nor a software person, but in simple terms I think is some sort of add-ons or language. Don't blame if I'm wrong, I don't know what am I saying too. I'm just trying to make myself look smart by making a wise guess/explanation! At its core, An Epic Minimalistic Adventure is filled with puzzles and several interesting experimental game play. They're sort of cool, but can be oddly complicated too. I was stuck at first, quickly get how it works afterwards.

Everything was pretty much minimal, which goes to show that you don't need great graphics, premium content, endless loading screens or all those other features of "big" games to deliver outstanding entertainment. Please sir, I want some more! My princess is in another castle. :D