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Trollface Quest 2 Walkthrough Guide

TIME :2022-07-03

Trollface Quest 2

Genre: Puzzle

Trollface Quest 2 Guide
Solution to Trollface Quest 2
1: Click the keyhole of the cage bottom middle.
2: Click all stars on the sign, then click on the guy.
3: Click on the guy's eyes. Click camera.
4: Click on the guy. click on moon as cloud appears.
5: Click on bottom of curtain on the right. click on knob that appears.
6: Click on the small bump near the chair leg on the roof.
7: Click on the two knobs on the side of the machine, then click on the moving part of the conveyor belt.
8: Click on the moon, the bird and the frog once. Click on the bait.
9: Drag the guy down.
10: Match all cards. In the end, click the troll face card and click on the guy's face.
11: Click on the bottom end of the toffee.
12: Click on the guy as soon as he appears.
13: Click on the black area inside the sharks mouth. Click on the guy.
14: Click on the raised part somewhere on the middle top of the digital clock. click again.
15: Click on the thermometer, when the guy is normal, click on door.
16: Click inside troll's right nostril.
17: Click and hold the guy on the washing machine.
18: Click on manual. Keep clicking on the middle of each bar until you get a troll combo.
19: Click on any one of the glasses twice. then click on the bottle with the bird picture on it.
20: Click on the guy's eyes.