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Deeper Sleep Walkthrough Guide

TIME :2022-07-03

Deeper Sleep

Genre: Puzzle

Deeper Sleep Guide
Solution to Deeper Sleep
1. After the intro, you'll find yourself in the foyer of a library. Go left, and then forward. There will be a note on a table. Click to pick it up. (1/15 Notes)
2. Go back, then go to the room to the left. Pick up the book on the table. Go right two times back where you started. Use the book on the empty space in the bookshelf. A secret doorway will open up.
3. Go forward into the secret door into the room with a horse painting. Pick up the note in the left corner of the empty bookcase. (2/15 notes). Also, pick up the batteries from the table, then head through the door to the right.
4. Go right, then right again, then down the stairs. Pick up the key from the key rack. Head down the staircase in the upper left, then go to the right to enter the dungeon.
5. Click on the grate to talk to the prisoner. He has some interesting information for you. Exhaust all the conversation options, and he will give you a piece of paper. (3/15 Notes)
6. Head to the right. Pick up the note in the corner of the other cell, (4/15 notes), then go to the right again. Pick up the flashlight on the floor. Combine the batteries with the flashlight. Now go left, then left, then left, then up the staircase, then up the staircase again to the second floor.
7. Go to the right, into the dark room. Use the flashlight on the darkness. Pick up the scrap of paper in the corner of the fireplace (5/15 notes), then head to the right.
8. You will now be in an old classroom. Pick up the pointer from the right desk, and the scrap of paper under the center desk (6/15 notes). Also, note the combination on the chalkboard. It will change during different playthroughs.
9. Go left, then left again out into the hallway, then left two more times until you are standing in front of the locked door. Use the room key on the locked door, walk forward and explore the room a little bit. Once you are finished looking around, go back to the hallway.
10. Go right, then right, then down the stairs. Enter the room on the upper right. Use the pointer to knock the key off the pipe. Doh! It fell through the grate!
11. Exit the pipe room to the left, then go down the upper left stairs. Head right twice, and you will see where the key has fallen. Pick up the gold key, then go left twice and back upstairs.
12. This time, enter the room on the lower right. You will find a clown poster. Use the gold key on the door, and prepare to head outside.
13. Once outside, go to the right and turn on your flashlight. Go forward down the path that is illuminated on the darkened right side of the screen. Pick up the scrap of paper on the tree to the left (7/15 notes), then move forward again, then forward again. Click the scarecrow to take a piece of thread from him.
14. Go back three times to return to the main path. Head right. Note the pile of stones, then head right again to a clearing with a small tree.
15. Move forward. Pick up the paper lying on the left of the path (8/15 notes). Walk forward again. Note the pile of dirt on the ground, then walk forward until you reach the well. Examine the pot next to the well and you will find a key.
16. Go back until you are at the main path. Then head right again. There will be a piece of paper in the tree on the right (9/15 notes). Head right again to the outside of the cabine. It looks like spinning the wheel will return the power. It looks like we have a river to restart!
17. Enter the cabin. Pick up the Bag with a Hole from the floor. It looks like we'll need to weigh down that shelf on the right to keep the door open. First we need to fix that bag, though...
18. Exit the cabin, then head left until you are back in the house, past the clown poster room, into the kitchen. Use the key from the pot to unlock the center door.
19. Go forward through the door. Pick up the wrench from the table, and the piece of paper in the upper left (10/15 notes).
20. Head back into the kitchen. Go to the room on the upper-right (where the gold key was lying on the pipes). Use the wrench on the valve (1/3 Valves).
21. Head down the stairs to the dungeon. Head right till you are at the tile room.
22. Using the keypad next to the door, input the code from the chalkboard on the second floor. The light will turn green if you are correct. Click the lever to turn it until the door is fully open.
23. Go into the door. Turn on your flashlight, and move forward twice. In the second room in, on the lower left will be a piece of paper (11/15 notes). Head forward, through the door at the end of the hallway
24. On the left of this room is a valve. Use the wrench on it (2/3 Valves), then head right into the toyroom.
25. In the toy room, pick up the needle from the sewing machine on the left. On the top of the shelves on the right is a piece of paper, as well (12/15 notes). Also, pick up the plushie tiger that's on the floor to the right... you'll need all the moral support you can get.
26. Combine the needle with the thread, then use the needle-with-thread on the Bag with a Hole to fix it.
27. Leave the toyroom, then back up to the tile room, left through the dungeon, then up the stairs, then right out to the woods again.
28. Once outside, go right and turn the flashlight on. Go to the right, to the clearing with stones. Use the bag on the stones to fill it.
29. Head right again to the clearing with the small tree. There, go forward twice down the path, to the clearing with a mound of ground. Use the bag on the mound to fill it further. Go back to the main path.
30. Go righ to the cabin and enter it. Use the bag on the flour on the floor to finish filling it. Put the full bag on the weighing device on the right to open the door.
31. Head forward into the door. Use the wrench on the valve (3/3 Valves). The wrench will break, but the flow of water has returned... now we just need to direct it. Also, pick up the piece of paper on the right (13/15 Notes).
32. Exit the cabin, then head right to the canal. Pick up the piece of paper on the center left (14/15 notes). Then go right to the fountain.
33. Once at the fountain, pick up the note sitting on its right edge (15/15 notes). Notice the two rows of four lights on the bottom. You must turn all eight of them on to activate the fountain. The easiest way to do this is to click each of the two center buttons in the top rom, then each of the two center buttons in the bottom row. The fountain will overflow and power will return!
34. Return all the way left, back into the house, then up the stairs, then left to the elevator.
35. If you would like to see an Easter Egg, at this point, go left again and enter the room with bunk beds. Put the plush tiger on Cody's bed. This will unlock a newspaper article at the end of the game.
36. Return to the elevator. Press the red button to call it.
37. Enter the elevator. Press the "2" button. When you exit the elevator you will be trapped in a dark room. Turn on the flashlight and walk forward.
38. Pick up the screwdriver from the shelf, then back away... quickly. Use the screwdriver on the panel by the elevator door. If you drop the screwdriver it can be found on the floor. One the panel is unscrewed, hit the button and get into that elevator. Do it quickly, before Felicity, the girl in the attic, reaches you.
39. Enter the elevator again, then press the "-1" button. Once out of the elevator, head to the left. Use the screwdriver on the panel, then pick up the rope.
40. Head right. Click the door to unlock it, then head through the doorway and up the stairs, outside into the woods. Turn on the flashlight, then head right to the clearing with the small tree.
41. Head forward down the path, all the way to the well. Use the rope on the well. When you are ready, climb down the rope...

Full Text of all 15 Notes in Deeper Sleep
"I first encountered this phenomenon in the early 80's, but it seems They have existed since the dawn of the human race. Commonly known as the Night Folk, or Shadow People, they live in the realm of dreams but desperately want to get to our realm, by possessing vulnerable, unoccupied bodies. As long as you don't know you are dreaming, you are safe... They attack when they sense a mind detached from its body, which sometimes happens during comas, but much more often during OOBEs and Lucid Dreamin."