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Dont Escape Walkthrough Guide

TIME :2022-07-03

Don't Escape

Genre: Puzzle, Adventure

Don't Escape Guide
Don't Escape Walkthrough
Gathering Items
1. Take the rope from the hook on the left, by the shelf.
2. Turn right once again and take the glass bottle from the table.
3. There's a bit of dark floorboard at the very bottom of the screen. Click it to look down, and click the square of loose flooring.
4. In the upper right corner, you'll find a piece of meat, and in the box, you'll find some spice.
5. To leave, click twice on the far left side of the hole.
7. Turn right so you're facing the window. Take the silver key from the jacket, and the small golden key from under the bed.
8. Check out each drawer in the chest of drawers. Open the third one from the top and take the tinderbox from inside.
9. Turn right and take the dried herb from the hook on the wall, and a piece of root from the top of the barrel farthest from you.
10. Use the small key (the gold one) on the chest. Ooh, a hammer and nails.
11. Turn right one more time, so you're facing the open door, and go outside!
12. Take the axe from the stump, the chopped wood logs from next to the stump, the chain from under the cabin roof, and the mushroom from near the rightmost fence post.
13. Head back inside.

Brewing the Potion
1. While facing the door from inside, turn right and examine the papers on the table. There's a second page, so after you read the first page, click on the one behind it (the overlap is on the left).
2. There's something here about how "a handful of hot dust, a crunchy herb, and something that grows in earth but is not a plant" can weaken the beast.
3. Facing the fireplace. The first step in brewing a potion is boiling the water, so you'd better do that first.
4. Place the chopped wood below the pot, then use the tinderbox on the wood. FIRE!
5. The next step is the ingredients. There are many things you can add, but not all of them are useful.
6. "Hot" can also mean "spicy," so add the spice to the pot.
7. The herb is already well-dried, so that can go right in.
8. Next up is something that grows, but isn't a plant. Fungi aren't plants, so add the mushroom.
9. Use the glass bottle on the pot. You have a vial of potion!
10. The notes said it wears off very quickly, so better not use it right away.

Final Preparations
1. Turn so you're facing the front door. Click the door to close it, and use the silver key on the door to lock it.
2. Click on the very left of the shelf to push the shelf in front of the door.
3. Turn 180 degrees and close the window.
4. Click the latch at the center of the closed window to lock it up. The hook is on the left.
5. Since the potion is slow-acting, combine the potion and the meat.
6. Put the meat on the hook above the table.
7. Use the axe on the table. Take the planks.
8. Use the planks on the window, then use the hammer & nails on the planks.
9. Use the rope on your face in the inventory, then do the same with the chain. Both icons should have a check mark.
10. Once you're all tied up, click the hourglass and choose "yes," and then read about your night!

What happens next depends on your level of preparedness. If you managed to complete all of the above (not necessarily in that order), you'll be successful in restraining the werewolf. Fail to do so and it will break free and go on a rampage. The results of the rampage vary depending on how long it took for the werewolf to break free - and if you fail to restrain it in any way, well… you'll see. Bad stuff.