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Also Which? Game Review & Walkthrough Guide

TIME :2022-07-03

Also Which?

Genre: Puzzle

Game Review
Yoshio Ishii's clever and addicting puzzle game Also Which? is back! Like Which? and More Which?, you're given a simple task to pick one of two correct circles by figuring out what the clue in each level is asking you to look for. The idea may be simple and short, but unlike other 'experimentation' type games, there is logic in this, far more than some games that claim to use clear logic. Interact with the two circles or the environment and answer the 20 questions correctly, just think about the circles as though they were in real life.

This is one of those games that is really a beautifully simple concepts. It manages to keep the delightfully tricky puzzles coming with yet another batch of sneaky but cute levels... It's just challenging enough, requiring occasional outside knowledge example physics, to provide a full feeling of satisfaction when you make it through 20 levels with a perfect score. Try to click and point out which is which. I got 19 out 20 on my first try! :P

Also Which? Guide
Solution to Also Which?
1) Which Triangle? - The circles are actually cones and cylinders, their true nature visible by dragging the bottom edge up. The cone-shaped ones are the correct ones.
2) Which Berserk? - The circles open their eyes when moused over. The correct circle will open its mouth and scream at the cursor when clicked on.
3) Which Shadow? - Because the correct 03 circle is actually a shadow, the cursor darkens when inside.
4) Which Minute? - That's "minute" as in "small", not "minute" as in "60 seconds". Question 04 circles move choppily when dragged. The correct circle is the one that makes smaller "jumps".
5) Which Rotation? - Dragging across an circle makes multi-coloured scratches. The correct circle is rotating quickly, which makes the scratches look like multi-coloured circles.
6) Which Bigger? - The 6 circles rest on a plane; drag up to reveal the truth. The correct circle is the one that's further away (it's bigger so it looks the same size from that distance).
7) Which Button? - Each circle is a swinging cover that can be dragged around and up. The correct circle has a blue button behind it that turns the lights on and off when clicked. TURN THE LIGHT OFF BEFORE MAKING YOUR CHOICE!
8) Which Twinkle? - This one's either easy or impossible, depending on your preparations. If you left the lights off when you inspected the 7 circles, the correct 8 circle will light up when moused over. If you didn't, they're indistinguishable, requiring you to pick one and cross your fingers.
9) Which Concave? - Question 9 circles are lenses. Drag them over the text. Concave lenses make things appear smaller; convex, bigger. Thus, the one that makes the text appear smaller is correct.
10) Which Weak? - Question 10 circles shrink when clicked and held. The correct one is the one that shrinks faster.
11) Which Bigger? - Question 11 circles are hard circles concealed in fluffy shells that make them look the same size. Poke them gently with the cursor; the fluffy shell on the correct circle won't give as much.
12) Which Fluffy? - To test the question 12 circles, drag the ceiling down to squash them. The correct circle will spring back to shape when the ceiling is raised; the incorrect circle won't.
13) Which Glass? - The glass used to make the correct 13 circles is fragile. Hold the mouse over each one for a second or so; the correct one will crack.
14) Which Wet? - Drag both circles. The correct one will leave a trail.
15) Which Display? - The correct 15 circle is a display screen; the incorrect one is a camera. When you mouse over the incorrect circle, your cursor will be displayed on the correct one.
16) Which Counterclockwise Rotation? - That's "counterclockwise" as seen from above. Each 16 circle will freely spin if clicked, but only in one direction. The correct circle will spin only if its right half is clicked, and halt if its left half is clicked; the incorrect circle, vice-versa.
17) Which Right? - Be careful! Question 17 circles are superimposed on inverted space. The correct circle is the one that says "Right" when moused over. For the purposes of matching the buttons to the circles, ignore the reversal.
18) Which Short? - Question 18 circles are pendulums on invisible chains. Drag them up and watch them swing. The correct circle's swing has a sharper arc, created by a shorter chain. It also swings more quickly.
19) Which Hole? - Drag left and right. The correct circle will have stars and changes of color visible inside it.
20) Which Do Not Touch? - Not to be confused with question 20 with "Which Do Not Press? - ", although the principle is similar. When you mouse over either 20 circle, the text will become jittery and the screen will flash red. If it's the incorrect circle, it'll stop after two or three seconds; if it's the correct circle, it won't, but pick fast before the screen explodes!